Thursday, May 07, 2009


As i mentioned in the last post, the pretty girl had said you are great consultants since you do amazing work, while the so called best consultants are not, because they just get the projects on relationships.

Posting the last post actually got me thinking and recollecting a few things i have heard over my very short period in the consulting world.

Our clients and the industry generally accepts that my firm does amazing work. We work at all levels, not just the CXO level. It is one of our principles, which is working in a collaborative manner, and ensuring that whatever change we propose, it gets implemented.
As opposed to this, few of our competitors claim that we do only "strategic" work. When during our campus placements, we asked what does that mean...we were told they work only at CXO level.
Again, this is something i heard from the market too. The other consulting firm in question does a lot of well known "big picture" work, some amazing analysis and stuff. But then, since they work ONLY at the CXO level, the actual people implementing it are not in the loop.

But then, they still are the most well known and well reputed firm in the market. Why?
Because of the projects they do. And where do they get those projects from? From their reputation and their relationships.

And it is actually quite intuitive. If i have 2 people, one who is very diligent and detailed n stuff, and the other who is not so, but i am comfortable working with, i would rather work with the second isnt it? The same is true with relationships also. If you have one with someone, then why would u hazard taking a chance with someone new.

Hmmm...interesting point :)

That was my intellectual masturbation for the night. Time to sign off. Current bhi chala gaya hai :(
Good night.



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