Friday, June 19, 2009

Navy Cut

Its wat I turn to when life seems not so beautiful....

Monday, June 15, 2009


What do u do when u dont want to be roped into some crappy work?

1. u get on to the phone
2. u go and take a walk (walk down a flight of stairs 14 floors)
3. convince ur digestive system to escort u to the loo :)

Have done all today


Chor Saale

Mere shahar ke log

Ek bechare bike chalane wale ke bike saaf karne wala kapda bhi nahi chodte

2nd time it has been stolen....thieves bloody thieves

Lekin kuch bhi ho, am warming up to Delhi....gradually...but am warming up to it


Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sorry Bhai

I call myself an action movie buff. I guess I am to a large extent. I scan for action movies on the internet and download them. And then when i have my movie marathon weekends, most of them / all of them are usually action movies.

But there are just these few movies which i completely loved watching.
Just watched one such movie. Sorry Bhai.
Completely loved the movie. Chitrangada Singh is more pretty than any Bollywood heroine.

But what did I like most about the movie. I liked Boman Irani's character. Completely fell in love with it.
Why? That is exactly the kind of father I want to be to my children someday.

Boman...u rock.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bachpan ki yaadein

The other day, while walking around my apartments, there was this group of school going girls who were having their evening gossip and hanging out dose. While i passed by them, heard their conversation....Sheila ko maths mein 98 mila hai....nahi...usko 95 mila hai....meena ko 100 mila hai (names have been changed for the sake of confidentiality... :P)

was instantly transported back to my childhood and also to kandy's recent post on how we all strive for marks and ranks (i would have given the hyperlink to his post...but i guess he will give that when he comes to comment...i feel too lazy to do that right now)
in our childhood also, it used to be the struggle to get maximum marks, to be first or second in class, parents taking pride in telling mera beta 1st aaya hai....parent teacher meetings where the teacher would say aapka beta bahut bright hai....
or summer vacation...wherein u get holiday homework to write 10 essays....
and i, since the beginning was against the concept of holiday homework (now i know why i am so possessive about my weekends and about work life balance :) :)), finished writing all essays on the first saturday and sunday of the 2 month summer holiday....result, got among the lowest marks in the essays ... but that was one of the few times i had no regrets about getting low marks (yes i have always been a geek throughout school and college)

wow....simple banter between a group of kids can bring back so many memories (and also reference to a post which i have mentioned but not provided the hyperlink to....sorry kandy :P)