Thursday, December 27, 2007

Reach Out...

We had this course called ERI which is the acronymn for Explorations in Roles and Identity. From the feedback we received from our tucchas, it was a course where one cries n gets good grades, but on the serious side, one comes to know oneself better.

ERI is set in a desert resort, at a place called Zainabad. Its 3-4 hours from Ahmedabad. The purpose of setting the course there, where there is no internet, and till last yr very weak mobile signal too :o). So basically u r taken to an enviornment which is OUTSIDE ur normal world, so that u can SEE urself.
Neway, i had gone there with a set of expecations. But then in the process, i realized that I know myself pretty well. So its just a matter of coming to terms of being myself, acknowledging and ACCEPTING my feelings for wat they are, and if i beleive something needs to change, then work towards it.

The course as such, other than this particular takeaway, wasnt much useful. Did come to see some facets of human emotion in others, but then I knew bout or rather have experienced most of these at some point of time or other. So I could see where they are coming from :o) (few of the readers of this post would laugh at this stt for different reasons ;o)...try enacting "I see where u r coming from" in sign language...try all possible actions :D...n u will see what i am trying to say :D)

One important thing however which I realized was the importance of reaching out. Many a time when we are narrating/sharing a feeling/issue/problem/emotion, we arent looking for solutions, we are just looking to vent ourselves out. Realizing that, being a empathetic listener, n reaching out to them is very feels really good when u can reach out to someone

Anyway, ERI is done, but many of us still are in ERI language mode...
When one sees people returning from the says...I see where u r coming from :D

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