Monday, June 25, 2007


During CAT prep i should have given more attention to Reading Comprehension. Am repenting now.
How, u would ask ( poocho poocho...nahi poochte to mai khud hi bata deta hoon)
One of our profs speaks pretty long n intricate sentences. If written down, they would span over 2 lines (at least i think so) and would be full of commas, semicolons, exclamation marks, question marks and all other forms of punctuation Wren n Martin could think of.
And the subject is anyway highly theoretical, n there are times when even without sleeping for a single minute in the class, at the end of it, i am left thinking....kis baare mein padha ke gaya

but then such moments are hard to come by. coz usually 15-20 minutes into the class, i doze off. now dozing off in class in the first row generally leads to sleeping and waking up in short intervals. so it can be described as spurts of awakedness between an hour of sleep.
now during these spurts of awakedness, the mind and the other senses tend to grasp whatever few words emanate from the prof's mouth and watever diagrams are there on the board. this data is fed to the unconscious mind, and then manifests itself in the form of dreams. i managed to remember 2 of these the other day, and am writing them down here:

awakedness spurt: prof is teaching something about optimizing electrical transmission through stacking the transmission in slots, n consuming it. or maybe it was distribution.....zzzz
dream: i am married and am getting late for office. but i cant leave without my necessary morning chore. i get out four pairs of shoes. i stack them one over the other. wear the topmost in the pile and leave. come back during lunch. wear the other pair. leave. come back in afternoon. wear the third pair. leave. come back during evening. wear the last pair. leave. n my better half (dont ask me who, i myself dont know, the face was blurred i guess :o)) does the same thing. and we look at each other, smile and repeat this throuout the day.

awakedness: prof is teaching something about transmission n distribution again. i dont understand. suddenly remember the vampire cartoon hellsing i was watching in the morning...
dream: i am a human. one cute girl in our batch is vampire. she has cut her arm. blood is dripping. if i drink that blood, then i too become and immortal vampire with unsurmountable powers. a day walker. i am lookin at the dripping blood.
she pours the blood in a tea cup, mixes some sugar (or maybe salt) and stirs it like tea. and offers it to me. there is a housemaid standing behind her. he places the cup on a tray and brings it to me. i look at the cup, at her, at the cup again, at the contents.
i wake up again.

lookin forward to the next session. phir se ajeeb sapne aayenge :o)

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

the rain dance

bachpan mein ek angrezi doha padha tha (read rhyme), Rain rain go away come back again some other day.
pichle kuch dino mein agar yaha par koi aisa bolta to wahi gala ghot deta mai uska
the heat in ahmedabad was terrible since i came back. it was hitting 42-43 everyday, and add to that high humidity n almost no breeze. the bottomline is all of us tuchas in campus were roasted.
the symtoms of the heat were something like they portray in hindi movies when someone is in love ie na raaton ko neend aati thi na din mein chain.....kuch bhi karne ka mann nahi karta tha....bas leta rehta tha.....aankhen band bhi ho to bas tumhari (baarish ki) yaad aati thi
see wat i mean
so yesterday, when the rain goddess finally blessed us, there was no end for the joy.
it started off with me n patwari deciding to play badi. maclo, masho n sigma joined us. by that time, it had started raining quite well. but who was gonna miss the first rain of monsoon. we played a game. then me, maclo n masho went on to play frisbee in lkp (louis kahn plaza)
i could not run, but kya farak padta tha.....we played for an hour or more, some of us diving n splashing in the rain, some others were playing football, some were just taking a walk

so o dear rain goddess, stay here as long as u like. u r most welcome :o)


Saturday, June 16, 2007

jhoom barabar jhoom

second yr has started with a bang. but then to describe the finer aspects of tuchadom, i would post a different post. today i would devote my undivided attention n praise to Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.

Wat a movie yaar, wat a movie. At the end of the movie, we (the gang ie me, titto, randolf, bhaskar and nisha) we begging for more. i could not beleive that the movie was over. just before the end, there is a scene where amitabh is thinking and fixing up the loose ends of the movie, and he starts laughing. its so amazing (not his laughing) because u feel like he is right there with u, sitting beside u and no....why would he laugh at the audience?

we will come to the laughing part again in the end. now before i begin, i strongly recommend all of u to go and watch the movie. and if for some unholy reason, u r planning not to do so, then read on, or else, some of the fun of the movie wll be lost. but then jbj (jhoom barabar jhoom) is one of those movies where u wont loose the fun and the masti even if u have read a book on the storyline beforehand.

the film starts in a england railway station. abhishek bachan is a punjab ka munda who makes his living in UK doing dunno wat, maybe getting sardars to london. he bumps into preity zinta (oh she is so hot, especially with her new (un)dressing sense :o)) so after some initial hiccups they begin to chat, wahi par kisi food corner mein. then they tell each other their love stories. abhishek loves anaida (lara dutta) who is french pakistani and from paris. lara dutta is hot man, seriously. when she is one screen, at least we four guys are generally silent (giving her our undivided attention). in one scene, she is wearing a nice low cut dress (dunno wat it is caled). titto ne mast bola, ek side assets hai ek side liabilities, dono side balanced n healthy, in fact very healthy :o) neway, so he falls in love after trying to run away from the ritz without paying where she is a manager. they fall in love finally.

preity's love story ka karta dharta hai superman she is visiting madam tussad's where a superman ka putla is about to fall on her, and bobby deol, who is richer than prince charles, saves her. he is a lawyer, and they together sue madam tussad's and win n fall in love (this happens with him carrying her in his arms home, he giving her a ride in his stretch hummer , yes hummer n not limo home, and he massaging her leg on the way, and she making "those" noises on the way...those bole to "oh yeah....give it to me baby...oh yeah...deeper....oh yeah" kind of noises. they were of course grunts of from the releif of the sprain pain..u dirty minds...think straight...pretiy zinta hai yaar....thwadi bhabi hai woh )

anyway, so the train arrives, but no it doesnt, and they its late by another hour, so they (abhishek n preity) run around teh station lookin for each other (like in kumbh ka mela). they find each other. then they play a couple of games. preity shows abhishek her butterfly tatto on the upper part of her bosom (oh yeah baby) and gets one done for abhishek also.

then finally the train arrives. they go their ways. exchange numbers. and then receive the people they were waiting for. who are not their fiance`s. so it turns out they both are not engaged, but fall in love with each other.

now preity calls her gay friend for help, and abhishek seeks help from his godfather habib bhai (habib bhai keeps giving some great "god made man, tailor made gentleman" and also "paris se mere liye perfume la, mai khusbu maarta hoon") anyway, after some reels, preity and abhishek decide to turn up in jharokha nights with their fiance`s. jharokha night is a punjabi dance competition with sardars all around. now preity gets bobby deol, who works in her gay friend's optical store to come as her boyfriend (she convinces him by jumpin on his lap and shouting rape rape and recording that one security camera) abhishek brings lara dutta, who is a prostitute named layla.

now the first prize in the dance competition is a trip for two to hollywood. both the couples dance for 15 minutes on the same songs in different musics (see, this is a romantic musical of types...but very different from the hollywood types, much more sleeker). finally abhishek wins, then next day bobby and lara, after "doing it" fall in love, and abhishek goes n proposes to preity, and they kiss on the road.

now the movie is over, but it cant be over without me describing amit ji's role. he has an epic role, never before performed by anyone in the history of indian film industry. his costume, i cant describe. and he is like the sootradhar of the movie, without a single dialogue, but keeps coming from time to time singing the jhoom barabar jhoom. and in the end, as i mentioned he laughs when fixing up the loose ends.

after 3 odd hours of jhoom barabar jhoom, u actually do realize the amitabh is laughing at u, for spending 150 bucks on a friday night to come n see the movie (beech mein mai smokin room jaane ke liye utha tha, lekin saalo ne woh bhi band kar diya)

lekin its the same funda. jab continuously koi peeche se bamboo karega, tab pehle to dard hoga, phir dard hi khatam nahi hoga, par halka halka maja bhi aayega. hence i strongly recommend u go n watch this movie in a hall. its like my college (engg) ka 1st yr mess. it had a deadly combination. mallu food in coconut (read cecenut) oil, and with the occasional worms to add to the delight. uske baad i could eat anywhere in india (china is an expection). sae for this movie. yeh movie hall mein dekh lo, kabhi crib nahi maroge phir kisi movie ke baare mein :o)

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