Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Clouds wala tag...

The kid tagged me...samajh mein nahi aata log kya karenge mere baare mein jaan ke :D

anyway...likhna padega...jaise purane zamane mein ghar aaye mehmaan ko aadar karte the...suna hai waise hi tags ka bhi aadar karna chahiye

here it goes:

Life 10 yrs ago:
I was 15 (so now u people know my age :D)
So at 15 i was in 10th std. I was studious too. Also, this is was one very nice phase in my life because i had no crushes no infatuations nothing. Had come out of one by the end of 7th or early 8th std. And the next started in mid 11th std. So this was 3 yrs of pure bliss.

Life 5 yrs ago:
That would be when I was 20
So on the personal front, I would be breaking up with someone I thought i was in love but later realized it was a hurried infatuation. Add to it miscommunication n misunderstanding etc etc.
So that was that

On the professional front, was still a student in 3rd yr in engineering in Malluland. So that was nice. Hostel life IS THE BEST THING that can happen to anyone (personal opinion disclaimers :o))

Life 1 yr ago:
Actually I changed A LOT from after engineering to today. And a lot of change happened between the 5 yr n the 1 yr period.
However, in the last 1 yr ie 2nd yr at IIMA,
Went thru many ups n downs
On the personal front, i dont want to start again. one of my previous posts which was more of a drunk person's emotional outburst would testify that :D
on a professional front, took some bold decisions and risks. Gave up a coveted international investment banking offer. Before that went to hong kong for summer internship for 2 months. Heard "grunts" of pleasure from the room right next to me, while I sat n cursed myself for being in the wrong room at the wrong time :o)
Drank a lot, still am doing.
Tried to reduce smoking coz was looking at some long term goals/dreams. Once they broke, smoking has taken a new high...And so has my jogging :D
Lost 13 kgs in 2 have gained 3 of those 13 again..but am in good shape right now :o)
The roots of my hair have been taking permanant leave over the last one yr :o)
And many other things...yaad bhi nahi aa raha

Life tomoro
No idea. Want to be a consultant. Will know if that clicks later next week when placements start. Baaki, on the personal front, no plans or expectations. If something happens it will. Not taking any proactive steps. But willl surely accept that have become pretty wary of relationships now :o)

5 snacks i enjoy
gajar ka halwa, bhel puri, paani puri....cant think of anything else...anything tasty i like it :D

5 locations i will run away to
no idea at all

5 bad habits i have
I smoke
I dont trust people easily
I am a BIG introvert whom people generally mistake to be an extrovert
I drink so much that i get blacked out...but the good thing is while i am in that state i am still in control of my actions...just that next morning i dont remember ANYTHING
I swear A LOT...a LOT...

5 things i love to do
Work out
Watch movies

5 things i will never wear
A sari
A frock
A salwar kameez
A mini skirt
A pink T shirt

5 biggest joys of my life
1. CAT
2. Love
3. Hostel Life
4. Friends
5. The biggest joy of all is my family...but i am one of those arseholes who takes the most imp people in his life (in this case my family) for trying to work towards not doing that

5 things i dont like
Show offs
People with made up accents
Girls who talk as if they are talking to a small puppy...the "cho chweet" kind

Something to achieve next yr
Get over it :o)

Something that impacted me last yr
The relationship

What i will miss about 2007
2nd yr @ IIMA

5 things i wanna do before i die
Get my dad a Tata Safari
Keep smoking (not sure of this though)
...cant think of anything else

And me being the person i am, i DONOT pass along the tag :o)

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random Incidents

I told her, for your sake, I am willing to move to any part of the world...U wanna go to London, I will take a job in London. U wanna go to New York, I will take a job there...


I will never be able to enjoy such a great time in my life. After marriage, I will never be able to have so much...


Bhan c***, bas 2 aur hafte yaar...(sitting in LKP...morning 7:30 AM...4 guys...semi drunk...)...bhan c***, bas 2 aur hafte yaar...bas 2 aur hafte...


A bunch of 42 guys and girls going out to meet the delegates of a company which has shortlisted them for an interview...and I am thinking...kya karenge yaar waha jaake...yahi college mein kar lete...


Bataas u r an extrovert...u r always smiling...always so jolly...I smile big toothy smile for which i am known well...n i remember what Paddy had said during ERI....we all wear our masks....


Aur peeyo...aur peeyo...abhi to 3 hi peg hua hai...aur peeyo :D


3:30 AM at night...feeling totally insomniac...feel a need to vent out feelings...get up...write out an e-mail...asking...why why...
feel better...go to sleep
wake up in the know u wont get a reply anyway... :D
u brush, lock ur room, n walk to get a sutta


u feel insecure about the way u look...
wat the f***...
u dont even know me n are passing judgements on what U THINK i feel...damn!


valentine's day...12 pm...n he is missing...where is he...he is chatting...with whom...with her...who pinged...she did...but then he says aisa kuch nahi hai yaar...sab lasun lasun hai
the others believe him...after all he is also part of the league...n destiny is against the gentlemen in the league :D
so they laugh...shout out a few abuses among themselves...n discuss when they will drink next


he loves her...but never gathered the courage to tell her...she gave him all the signs...did he understand...the others dont know...but he never told her...
finally she send him her marriage card...


coffee is all over her...she has burnt herself...all of them are drunk...she says...I am dying...i am dying...n they are thinking of the omlette that just fell on the ground...


He perfected the art of sleeping in class...but what went missing wat the poise or rather the art of not being caught...his head would wobble from one side to the other...or it would move down all the way to the table...n suddenly he would start snoring...


D2/D1/D11 ka tempo high hai...D7 ko de do...chup chaap chup chaap :D


lau*a lasun ho gaya...saala sab lasun lasun ho gaya...(in english...di*k become garlic...bloody everything become garlic garlic)

khao khao...aur khao...arre khao...

ma ki ki kirkiri...


The above are random incidents over the last 2 yrs i have been here in IIMA...some in my life...some in lives of people close to me...i aint gonna say which ones are mine which ones are not...
but then these are wat make up my life....experiences...close friends...lost love...drunk nights...laughing out loud...sometimes out of happiness...sometimes out of helplessness

More of such incidents would come...they have to...its 2 yrs yaar...

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Books wala tag

I donot read books. Actually I have tried many times to get the reading habit, but somehow I find orkuting much more interesting that reading books. In orkutting, what do i do? Followup profiles (female ones) n check to see if there are snaps that r not locked :o)
Yes...that is the level of vellapanti that I have many a time. But I am not looking for comments on the first paragraph :P...
This post is about a tag arpz passed on to me...She wanted to see what an IIMA guy reads...chose the wrong person to form an opinion on this institute's reading habits :o(

But I will still write bout whatever little reading I have please bear with me

Book that made u laugh

ant think of any yaar...maybe some joke book...haan but i did laugh out loud when i read jeevan ke 30 sach in a mail...

Book that made u cry

ALMOST cried reading Kite Runner...also Godan n Family Matters
but then tears dont oblige me generally...

Book that scared you
was scared after reading the Ram Rahim comics when i was a child

Book that disgusted u
a child called wasnt the was the content of the book...the book was about violence on a was very very disturbing...yes disturbing is the right word

Book u loved in elementary school
yaad nahi hai

book u loved in middle school or hgh school
famous five books, nancy drew, hardy boys, three investigators etc etc

book u loved in college
frederick forsyth books :o) the best i liked was the one in which iraq mades a huge gun...forgot the name...kya naam tha...ruk...haaan...the fist of god

the book that changed ur identity
everybody loves a good drought...

fav science fiction book
i HATE science se phat ti hai meri...n i am a computer science engineer...who was among the top 5 in class...n who does not know how to format his computer :o(

fav fantasy
sharam nahi aati tum logo ko yeh sab padte huye...meri fantasies jaanke tum kya karoge...jao jaake kitaab padho

fav mystery
would be one of the three investigators books...dont remember in specific

fav biography
aaj tak nahi padha koi...tried reading mein kampf...thrice...never crossed the first 20 pages (now u see what i mean when i say i dont really read)

fav classic
bachpan mein woh photo wale kitabe milti thi...classics ki...wahi padhi hai that...i loved The last of the mohicans....kaafi action tha na usmein

fav romance book
have read 2 only...only u n love story by erich segal...of those two...i liked love story that makes it my favourite :D

haan...n even though the categories are over...i will not end without saying that I loved the following three books (this can also be seen as an attempt to show that I have read at least a few books :D)
- Atlas Shrugged
- The other Ayn Rand book whose name i JUST NOW FORGOT...haan...fountainhead
- The Monk WHo Sold His Ferrari

Haan...aur suno...abhi yaad aa raha hai
- The Alchemist bhi :D

bas...ab ho gaya...n i am not really sure of how tagging i need to pass along this tag...?


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why India?

Now this is a very serious post. Can u sense the seriousness of the first statement itself.

This post is my response to whoever asks me, why dont u take a job abroad? why did u give up ur foreign job offer? kyu? why?

Here is why:

- When I wake up in the morning, I like walking up to the nearest chai ka thela n having a hot cup of chai (at least I do that here in IIMA)

- All my dreams, fantasies is about Indian girls. Indian women are the most beautiful in the world (in that assamese girls are the prettiest :D :D)

- I donot want to walk into a restaurant, ask the waiter/tress for the menu, stare at the various menu items for half n hour, donot understand shit about what the food items are, order something that seems palatable and i think its gonna be filling, n then sparkling white plate with a tiny centre occupied by some strangely cooked chicken, some cauliflower n a potato...n then chuck out 250 HongKong Dollars (250 * 5.5 Rs) for this crap (True story...though I was the one kisi aur ne kiya :D)

- I love walking into cheap ice cream parlours and have 3,4,5 scoops of ice creams of diff flavours

- I love eating with my hands

- I love wiping my nose with the back of my arm when I am jogging n my nose is flowing...i dont have to care of what people think...coz on my way to the jogging park, i see 3 other people doing the same thing :o)

- i plan to own a bike as soon as i pass out. i dont wnt to be in a place where owning a bike is eqvt to being a hippy

- on a serious note, i want to parallelly contribute to the developmental sector through active work

- on MOST IMPORTANTLY, i cannot..n when i say i cnnot, i REAALLLLLY REALLLLY mean i CANNOT live without WASHING my arse with WATER after crapping...TOILET PAPER DOWN DOWN

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A question of salted water

They call it tears.
I have had a problem with this form of H20 since the very beginning. I wish i hadnt.

When they ought to come, they dont. And they sometimes come when they ought to. (please excuse me, its 5:40 in the morning n i am kinda drunk)

I screwed up an interview, i screwed up a job, one of my dream jobs, but I still dont feel the need to release my emotions in the form of tears.
But I have lost someone so dear, to I dont know whose fault it was, I do wish to cry out loud.
But these fucking tears would come out for a movie like taare zameen par but they wont oblige me when I think of her.

I send her a message, I send her a mail, I visit her orkut profile but I dont leave a scrap. Why should I? I would anyway not get a reply :o)
Have u seen Mera Naam Joker? How Raj Kapoor smiles when he is in pain?

My friends tell me...Bataas story bata yaar...I sometimes think Let me tell them wat happened...but what do I tell them...I will break down...Maybe I want to break down...Then why dont I tell them...Coz I am scared that I wont break down

Fuck...Like is complicated. N wat is even more complicated is emotions...feelings...coz they arent objective. There is no logic behind them. Logically thinking, she should not occupy even a millimetre of my mind or heart or whatever.
But logic does not rule here...

I am i speak the truth...


Saturday, February 02, 2008

In Company of Women :o)

Anurag Dutta was standing. He was enjoying what was going on a few storeys below. At the back of his mind, was the Dahi Wada and the Butter Scotch ice cream in the mess. He loved the Friday mess food.

Suddenly a group of pretty young girls came running his way. He hardly noticed them. This was but bound to happen. They had dreamy eyes and were dying to get to him first. They surrounded him, fell over him. He didnt give them much attention. This was but bound to happen.

They had smiles on their faces. Soon more of them came. Anurag was getting a bit uneasy now since he was getting cramped for space. But how could he leave?

It was his place to watch the Dance show going on on the stage 2 storeys below. There was no nice place in the lawn so he had come up.
The girls were leaning over and around him to catch a good glimpse of the show going on below.
But Anurag Dutta wasnt complaining :o)

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