Tuesday, January 30, 2007

On a senti note...

Was thinking is it possible to miss someone when u r in touch on a pretty regular basis (for people with eyebrows raised, i mean everyone u care bout, family friends etc etc etc).

i guess it is. the very idea that u r alone n all the people u care are far away....

yes. u can miss miss them


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A story from the last century

When my dad was in 8th or 9th standard, he was gifted a book on the universe or maybe the moon by my jetha (his elder brother). He read that book and liked it a lot.
Then a year or so later, there was this essay competetion on again some celestial subject. My dad wrote an essay and got the consolation prize. The money was 50 rs, which was a pretty big amount at that time. All this was thru mail (not e-mail the true mail)
The organizers, in the award letter, asked dad to answer another question as to what was it that he wanted to do when he grew up.
My dad, till then, wanted to be a teacher. Why? Coz in his village he had seen the teacher living a peaceful life and respected by all. But then when he sat down to write the essay, one of his cousins or friends advised him against writing this, since it sounded too trivial.
So Papa thought for a long time. During those days, some hydel power project was going on in assam n was in news. So he wrote that he wanted to be an electrical engineer. To improve the power infrastructure of assam etc etc (gyan like we write in forms)
N that is when he actually decided to become an electrical engineer.

Why I am writing this? My dad told me many of his childhood stories about a year or 2 back. And he mentioned this one again a few days back. And I really love this one. It has a motivating factor along with the innocence of a child in a village.

Really nice.


Shotgun Mama

My Mama has quite a few guns. He has a revolver, a twin barrel shot gun, an air rifle from Germany and a air rifle from my Daushona’s (that is wat I called my late maternal grandfather) time.He loves his guns. The other day he was carrying his twin barrel shot gun with him. The shot gun occupied the whole back seat and no one was allowed to sit on it.Then Mama n mami went to some relative’s house. There Mama kept the gun on the bed. And an old gentleman came and comfortably sat on the gun (obviously without noticing).

Just imagining the look on mama’s face makes me break into a giggle :o)


Friday, January 12, 2007

Mission Smoke

Time: 0300 hours, in the middle of my holidays

Venue: The large bedroom in our house

Occupants: Me, me n myself (papa had gone to numaligarh, hence ma and bro were sleeping the other room because my incessant tv watching n comp game playing is a big deterrant to sleep :o))

Mission: To smoke for the first time at home (not out of adventure but out of desperation)

Weapons: Wills Navy Cut, Matchbox, Room freshener, Mortein Mosquito coil, Polo

Place of execution of mission: The bathroom

Nuisance: Mosquitoes


- Switch off light of bedroom so that if by chance Ma comes this way, she thinks I am asleep n so goes back.

- Get a polo from the fridge. Have it. This is to avoid any traces of cig smoke in the breath when I wake up in the morning.

- Go to the bathroom. Spray some freshener.

- Light the cig. Drop the match in the toilet.

- Switch off the light immediately.

- Open the window.

- Smoke in peace, watching the dark outside and lighted end of the cig the only light

- Make sure to exhaust as much of the smoke as possible outside the window

- After finishing the smoke, drop the cig in the toilet. One can always drop it outside and blame the kirayedaar staying upstairs of smoking, but then why take a chance

- Spray some more room freshener

- Flush the toilet.

- Open the window so that the cig smell escapes (smokers would know that cig smell tends to stick in closed rooms for long long long durations)

- Get out of the bathroom and close the door (this is to avoid being slaughtered by mosquitoes)

Mission accomplished.

And if u people are thinking wat was the mosquito coil for, well it was an alibi. It was kept in the bedroom while I was in the bathroom smoking. So if any smell does reach the other room, it would be the smell of the coil.



Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mumbai Incident

The recent Mumbai incident of a woman being molested by a mob of men at Gateway of India at new yrs eve has not only brought back bitter memories from college but also shown the general disrespect tat so many of us Indians have towards the fairer sex.
The Mumbai incident involved a couple who were molested by allegedly 60 men. And the police was busy moving the families from the area so that they did not have to see the preposterous act.
As for the perpetrators of this crime, they are scot free. Because no complain has been launced. And how will it be launced? Even imagining the trauma the lady would have gone thru is not possible. And also the pain her partner would be feeling for not being able to do anything to save her from the f****n bastards.

A similar incident happened in college. I don’t want to write about that.

But then my personal opinion on how to stop such incident: Find the culprits, parade them naked on national TV, and then shoot them point blank. THE END.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Why is it that even today in India most girls have to fight for their independence and for the right to take their own decisions and live their lives the way they want to?

But then things are changing. Hope the winds of change blow faster and every girl asserting her independence is successful.
Be it in choosing the partner of her choice, maybe from a different region, a different religion, a different language.
Be it in choosing the decision to take life as it comes and not be coerced by family or by society to go against her wishes
Be it any goddamn thing, let there be actual equality of the sexes.

And when that happens, I would be happy, not only coz I believe that both the sexes are equal, but on a ligher note, also because I wont have to relinquish my seat in a bus, just because its reserved for ladies (coz if there is equality there cant be reservation right :o))




When I was at home, I got pretty bored. There wasn’t much to do, especially because I was on bed rest for a long time.

Neway, Ma was busy preparing all the best pakwaans for me.

Everytime before going home, I think that this time I will be the good son and talk for long periods with Ma. But then everytime the absence of anything to do and hence the over watching to TV and playing Age of empires takes priority.

About Ma, she is the most loving mom on this earth. She bears the tantrums of not only my brother and myself, but also Papa’s :o)

She does most of the housework and even manages our small medicine shop. She makes sure everyone takes all the medicines on time, everyone gets what he wants for dinner. Whenever we go out for shopping, she would put her plans on the backdrop and first search for what I want.

Everytime I leave from home to come to college, Ma invariably cries…I never cry, but then when Ma cries, that is one time I feel like I should stay in Assam.

I could go on n on n on. But then wht I am trying to say out here is

Ma, I love u.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Am Back

Back in college.
Home stay was uneventful in the sense that again the absence of anything concrete to do drove me to boredom n restlessness :o)
But then was eventful in the sense got an operation done (for the korn with 5-6 stitches) and got glasses also.
Was on rest for a long time (read 5 days) n then finally went out (to smoke :o)). Last day whole family went to brahmaputra jungle resort. Great place. One can trek, ride on elephant and/or ponies, rock climbing, boating etc etc. Nice place. Really reasonable price (except the food :o)). Just that i could not do any of it :o(
But then i know where to go next time i go home :o)
Have many posts to write. Will write them slowly :o)
Right now, pet puja time.
Also new term starting tomoro. Got books today.