Thursday, December 28, 2006

NPV is zero

NPV bole to Net Present Value. Basic funda of Finance.
So I had my last 2nd term end term paper today. It was finance (no marks for guessing :o)). Unlike the other days, today we had just one exam (because only one was left...hahahaha). So yesterday, after farting for 2.5 hours in the marketing paper, I came back and chilled out (watched Bleach; its a japanese action cartoon..............Bankai. :o) Dont ask me to explain that. Interested parties may check out Wikipedia). We started our group studies from 7. I still hadnt read the call n put options chapter. Maine socha thoda hi to time lagega revision mein. Baad mein padh loonga. By 2:30 AM, was totally confused and fundas were all shaken up. Decided have to study alone. That coz when i am goin slow, i dont want to slow down the group. Neway, understanding n grasping power was also goin down by the hour. So i came to my room, puffed off a coupla ciggies, n thought "I need a clear mind to understand these things. Let me lie down for sometime n then i will get up in half n hour n then study till morning." So i lied down. Put 4 alarms for 4 AM. Asked kachchi to wake me up at 4 (just in case). So i lied down. I could not concentrate on sleeping or resting. So i began to think of futures n forwards (finance). Actually understood a few things. So i thought "Let me think bout these things. Maybe i can resolve a few of these confusions before i get out of bed".

That was the mistake. I never realized when i fell asleep. N in that stage between half awakedness and half sleep, i was thinking to myself "Arre mai to fin hi padh raha hoon".

Woke up morning 8:10. But then it was too late. N the kind of g***d maraye exam attitude had taken over. So i went to give the paper.
It was tougher, or so people said. I hadnt studied well. Keeping that fact in mind, i think it went well. But lets see :o)

11 AM. Exam over. 2nd term over. 1/3rd manager ban gaya :o) Went for pizza (now i know why everyone becomes fat here :o)) and coffee.

Now blogging. abhi 2 peg Absolut vodka maarunga (50% alchohol by volume...or maybe by weight...kya farak padta hai :o)) and then, Guwahati, here i come.

mai aaya, mai aaya.............................aaajaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Janam Din Mubarak Ho :o)

My birthday tomoro
I turn 24 years young :o)
We have this funda of inviting a Guest of Honour who is of the opposite sex. He/she is the person who gets to potofy cake on ur face ( n ur hair n nose n ears too).
If someone has a girlfriend in the campus or likes some girl more than others then he calls that person.
Or if the birthday managers have their assumption about the above, they would take matters in their own hands n call that person.
If the guy has no crushes etc etc, then also the birthday managers take matters into their own hands, try n find a incident when the person in quesiton (the birthday boy) was seen to be very friendly with someone n then blow it out of proportion (:o)) n call that person :o)
nahi to arbitly bula lete hai :o)
The birthday boy is given the option first of choosing a GOH.
Hence I also have been given this option.
Now I dont harbour any crushes on this campus. Hence i have proposed to invite Nisha, coz she is my groupie n a good friend. Hope she is kind with potofying the cake on my face
Also have to get ready to get infinite number of kicks and chappal shots on my butt. Exams are coming up. SO people would be expected to take out their frustration on my sorry butt.
GOD......hume (mujhe aur mere pichwade ko) shakti woh aaj ke narsanghar se jeevit nikal sake.......AMEN :o)

Many other traditions also in this place on a bday. Lekin woh sab confidential hai :o)



Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sadism :o)

I just wrote this blog. And it just disappeared. SO writing it again.

This place makes a sadist out of u.
Why am i saying this?
Whenever someone is coldcalled to solve a quant problem on the board, there is a round of applause.
THis applause is not for the person going to solve the problem, its becuase kisi aur ki lag gayi aur apun abhi ke liye bach gaya :o)


HR Case Study

IITM is conducting a HR case study competetion called Mentorz during its annual fest. Me n Randolf decided to participate.
1 day before the submission, went in for a night out finding data for the case.
Then next day, after class, sat from 2 to 10 and finished the analysis.
Then i thought, will catch a 15 minute nap, wake up, proof read the stuff, and submit it, since the deadline was 11:59:59 PM
Woke up at 1:15
Immediately send across the case, no proof reading.
It was really nice of IITM guys to accept the report.

Got the results yesterday. Were placed 1st among the 6 teams qualified all across India for the next round :o)
But wont be able to make it to the finals coz am going home.

But then still, am happy :o)


Monday, December 18, 2006

Template tinkering

As u might have noticed, my blog's look has changed (ok ok please hold the applause, i am but an ordinary man n this great work of art is just a coincidence :o)).

But my tinkering has left my contact list on my blog all screwed up. So dear friends, thoda intezaar aur before my blog is back to its orginal form "content" wise.

Till then, u can appreciate this new look :o)


90/10 principle

Had heard or rather read bout this before. But in a different form.
Today Randolf mentioned it again and I read a mail his elder brother had sent him regarding this.

Its bout the fact that 10% of wat happens in ur life is beyond ur control. Like a traffic jam on hosur road, a power cut one day before the exam etc etc.
But the remaining 90% is in ur control. Like a traffic jam on hosur road can leave u sulking n as a result with a bad start to the day, ur day usually takes a bad shape (self fulfilling prophecy :o)). Or u can smile at the jam, look at the vehicles on the road, on the reactions of the fellow passengers on the bus, read a book, listen to radio mirchi etc etc.

Really nice principle. Coz if one beleives this, then one would learn to take responsibility for one's actions and their results and stop blaming destiny or luck for them. Coz I for one beleive that watever happens or is happening or will happen, we ourselves are responsible.
So we write our own destiny, our own fate.

Before I end, if u have read Stefen Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People", then u would recognize that this 90/10 principle is basically the same as Circle of Influence and Circle of Concern :o)


Sunday, December 17, 2006


Its a subject in this term. The first word is Economic. Dont know the full form. Some of it actually most of it is pretty interesting. Macroeconomics n stuff.
But this might sound like a paradox, but its highly sleep inducing. Aaj bhi library mein sula diya mere ko. Woke up before i started drooling though :o)

Exams are approaching in 1 week.

Bhagwaan aaj tak maine tujh se kuch nahi maanga........




We had our inter section badminton matched the other day. We won.
Didnt get a change to play, coz there are better players in the section. But was actively involved in cheering.
Now the cheering did deviate a bit to jeering the opponents from time to time.
Lekin kya kare yaar, sab engineers hi hai. Engineering college pracitices die hard.
Jeers like gadda hai gadda hai go here also. But then thats bout it. Nothing more.
After all, we all are "supposed" to behave like mature individuals out here (please not the word supposed to is in quote. If u want to disprove me, all u have to do is come to one of our group meetings ;o))



Have this really painful korn in my leg which has to be removed surgically once i reach home (cant do it now, for the lack of time and also cant give up my mobility in college for anything)
Wat i was saying is that, ne mention of the name korn/corn (sounds the same) sends a chill down my spine.
Hence dear friends, please dont order sweet corn soup, or masala corn or nething when we meet :o)

P.S. This is a totally arbit post. But i wanted to write it :o)



This is the name given to any request for revision of marks awarded in a quiz or exam.
Now in Quant, we have this funda of genuine cribs. If one submits a crib and its found to be not genuine, then he/she stands to lose 2 marks if its a quiz crib, or 5 marks, if its a exam crib.
Hence its very important to know that ur crib is genuine before u actually crib.
So i got my quant mid term paper. Much below wat i had expected. I wasnt sure bout one of the corrections. Hence i wanted to submit a crib.
So i contacted the TA ie teaching associate, and asked him "Sir, can u please define a genuine crib, and how would u classify a crib as genuine or not?"
He then gave me a dissertation on wat they expect out of a genuine crib, at the end of which i was even more confused.

Finally in the end my marks didnt improve, but i did gather the knowledge not to ask for a definition or differentiation of crib as genuine or non-genuine :o)


Nod ur head...

No. I am not going to write the lyrics of Will Smith's song now.
Was in my finance lecture the other day. Our prof is a God in markets. We, as mature individuals are expected to read the chapter and from there, the prof takes it forward.
But many a time, extra curricular activities like sleep, badminton etc negate the possibility of one being prepared for the class.
It was one of those days. The chapter was on exchange rates.
I am usually attentive (note the word usually, it can be really ambiguous ;o)) in the finance lectures. Also, usually (again ;o)) donot sleep in classes nowadays. So the prof was teaching, and i wasnt understanding anything, just jotting down watever he was writing on the board on the my notebook.
And he kept looking at me from time to time. And I had to nod my head in an intellectual thoughtful manner, conveying the impression that, yes, its complicated sir, but i do understand.
This went on for the whole lecture.
He taught. Looked at me. I nodded.

A genuine case of overhead transmission.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

ek din aur

a plethora of posts shld be coming ur way ....(hopefully :o))


Sunday, December 03, 2006


Not an easy or desirable transition.

But then life is full of first time experiences.
So ek aur sahi :o)