Saturday, June 21, 2008

The consultant diaries - Introduction

Scene 1: IMS Bangalore Classes
Instructor asks class: What do u think is a consultant?
Class: blah blah blah blah

Instructor (some kandu guy with a goatee n an accented english)...which is conceited smile on his face...showing i am gonna tell u something u couldnt have ever thought of: A consultant, is a person, who is gonna take UR watch, and tell u the time .... (pause).....(pause)....(atal bihari vajpayee pause)....However, he is also gonna tell u, that u can use the watch as an alarm, as a stop clock, as..blah blah blah...

One student, like most of the others, sitting on the second bench, is quite interested, but by nightfall, loses interest :o)

Scene 2: IIM Interviews
Interviewer(s): So tell me, why do u want to do an MBA?
Interviewee: I beleive i will be better suited to solve business problems. Problems with need a strategic thinking, problems which involve dealing with people...blah blah blah blah

Scene 3: IIM Ahmedabad Finals Day 0 Consult Interviews
Interviewer: So why do u want to be a consultant
Interviewee: Oh, its strategy, its travelling, its people, its helping organizations, its variety, its seeing what u work on actually getting realized...blah blah blah blah (this answer was much more grammatically verbose but then the content was this...)

Scene 4: I am a consultant :o)

Its been just 2 weeks....actually 1 week...since the first week was training in Goa.
How has it been?
I will talk bout the project.
But first i need to tell u why, i think, i didnt like banking.
I didnt like the idea of slogging my ass off for money...
i didnt like the idea of working on formating ppts n excels
i didnt like the idea of working on raising debt or structuring deals, till i get my first heart attack n quit work
i didnt like the idea of working at te same place always
n so many things...which i myself havent been able to identify

in my first week, its been pretty cool...
on an average, around 11 to 12 hours of work a day....
n tht too i am getting up to speed, to not much load
but then, if u see just content wise, it has formatting xls, compiling xls n all that stuff
but i am loving it still
why....i have travelled thousands of miles in the first 2 weeks alone
why...i have been in client meetings right from day one of the project
why...i like the people whom i am working with
why...i like the idea of dining around at nice places n living in a 5 star hotel...n within all this lavishness, maintain my physique...(uska alag reason hai :D)
why...i like the very feeling that what i am doing is actually gonna make a significant impact

n add to that, next weekend i am flying back to india, business class :D

he he...acha hai :o)


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Now i am convinced...

that i dont like visiting places to see the beauty of in architecture or tall towers etc etc

why.....have been staying in a hotel for 3 nights today....when the moment i open the shields of my curtain...i see the twin towers of Kuala the night sky....
but i have opened the curtains just once...n that was coz my colleague opened them for me to see the view :o)

I guess i will stick to my idea of a holiday....a physically exhausting the trekking....or hiking....or something else....

but then i am also quite open to a going to a sunny place .... with a lot of grass....
life mein kitna compromise karna padta hai :o(

signing off now
gotto study....forget it...tum nahi samjhoge



Monday, June 09, 2008

Me is back I am back. To kya hua...jaise hindi filmo mein kehte hai...kisi ke chale jaane se duniya nahi rukti babu moshai...hence my absence also hasnt made any difference. But the point is tht the absence is no more. Hence absence has been replaced by presence. Now presence makes a difference. Hence the absence of absence makes a difference. Hence absence makes a difference. So now u all see, that my absence made so much difference to blogsphere. Ok, stop sobbing dost log, now i am back and the absence is no more :D
He he. I am just pissed off that I wanted to chat with someone and the connection isnt working, just for gtalk :o( Anyway, now many of u will jump to conclusion with that wicked smile on ur faces....kaun hai batao this question my answer would be...teri bhais ki aankh

Anyway, so I have made the initial point I wanted to make, that I am back. Also the second one, that I am currently not in a "very" good mood. But am in an "ok" good mood :o)
Left home after 2 long months. One takeaway from home this time...probably would not die of boredom unless subjected to the very very very extreme form of it. 2 months at home with practically nothing to do, and i still survive. Not only survive, also stop my waist from swelling even after the repeated onslaughts of relative's invitations and Ma's wonderfully tasty dishes. So some achievement eh :o)
Then there was the regular dose of swimming, which was, i must accept, fun, but then not really enough to burn calories. Also, took up the teaching profession, mainly to get some dough for myself. Was totally broke at home, and jab se kamana shuru kiya hai, ghar se jebkharch ke liye paisa lena acha nahi lagta :o(
Neway, that was Guwahati, a nice city but not for me. So then I left Guwahati on 4th, went to another destination and then came to Gurgaon on 7th.
Gurgaon...i dont want to crib bout it...coz I myself sometimes say (but will accept that I didnt say it first in this world)...that if u crib about something, u keep hating that thing more n more. Neway, 7th ko I decided that I will travel from Gurgaon global business dwarka 19th sector pocket 2 on public transport on my own...n i did...the to and fro journey took me (including around 2 hours spent with dad in dwarka) around 10 a total travel time of around 7 to 7.5 hours...of this....around 5 hours was spent walking...n the rest....asking people, on buses, on tum tum, on small private canters
the trip in the tum tum on the way back from kapas heda to gurgaon bus stand was good...i was sitting in the back of the tum do u understand...the in i was on the ass of the tum tum...piche ek plank laga hota hai...uspar 4 log....adjust karke baithte hai....aur aap piche ke vehicles ko seedha aapki taraf aata hua dekh sakte hai...had never enjoyed this view of the traffic "novel" experience
btw...the word kapas heda bears significant significance...ask anyone....dwarka jaana hai...arre kapas heda jao...wahas se chale jaana...n 10 minutes later...i forget the name kapas heda...n i ask someone...bhaisahad...yeh kasepheda kaha hai...he looks at me in the typical jat style...with eyes saying a million bhanc***s per second, aisi koi jagah na hai yaha...
neway, i found n forgot my way many times that day...but thanks to that i told a delhi guy how to reach a place from gurgaon :D ha ha ha ha going for n induction program to goa tomoro, will be back on saturday...n then off to malaysia for 3-4 months on now u see...what one means by travelling "a lot" in consulting.... i guess its time to get duplicate sets of undies....will need them :o)