Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blowing in the wind...

Imagine the following scenarios:

1. 3 or more people in the room. Someone farts. Its a silent killer. Ur nasal hair is on the brink of incineration. What do u do? U twitch ur nose, and gasp for air. Now no one knows who has farted. So some of the other people would also imitate u, while some would act as if nothing happened (how can they do that, this is chemical warfare we are taking about here?!!!!). Anyway, finally no one knows or accepts who did it.

2. 3 or more people in the room. U fart. U thank god that its a silent one. But then they are the one's which are most hazardous environmentally n biologically (hazard for the others in the room). U wait for sometime to see if someone twitches his/her nose. U dont want to be the first one to jump at acknowledging the smell and get caught in the act. But after a considerable time (considerable here is contextual) if no one twitches, u either let it go, or play the whistleblower n gasp for air, and might even blame someone else. At the end of it, no one gets caught or accepts the blame (coz u farted n no one knows that u farted, or even if someone has his/her doubts, no one can prove anything)

3. 2 people in the room. The other person farts. U r about to die of suffocation. U make a face, look at him, give one of those smiles which has "I know wat u did last minute" written all over it. U try to stand the smell, but if its too much, u walk out. Now the walking out excuse would depend on the bonding u share with the other person. If its strong, u shout a few abuses, accuse the person of attempted homicide/manslaughter (it might have been involuntary u see, gastrointestinal muscles has their own way of acting/reacting) and walk out. If its not that strong, say u have to go to someone else's room or for a smoke (u donot say that u r going to the restroom, else the other person, even though guilty might accuse u of the sin).

4. 2 people in the room. U fart. The atmosphere has become poisonous since its one of those farts which happen after a missed shit in the morning. U avoid the other person's gaze and just hope that he is gentleman enough to not react, and his lungs are strong enough to bear the brunt of ur gaseous onslaught.

"Exam in 1 hour" disclaimers apply to this post :o)

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Friday, November 23, 2007


When its 3:30 AM in the morning, and u arent feeling like doing anything.
U arent feeling sleepy. U arent feeling like watching a movie.
U arent feeling like reading the newspaper.
U arent feeling like smiling on thinking bout the frivolous teasing that ur friends shower on u. Infact u hardly feel like smiling on that, since it touches that one area in ur life which u wouldnt really be able to change.

And the worst part is, u arent feeling like cleaning up ur mind once a flurry of thoughts come in, thoughts that on any other day u would dismiss on the excuse of work, or having other things to do, thoughts that a few months ago elicited a physical response wherein u had to shake ur head to push them out, thoughts that nowadays hardly come by, coz u seem to have gotten over them and moved on.

People do move on, from experiences, from people, from thoughts, from life lived...
But as they move on, do they leave everything behind...
I guess not...there is some baggage which all of us carry with us...our fears, our happiness, our beleifs, our insecurities, happy memories...sad ones, goals acheived, targets missed

But then, doesnt some of this baggage feel too heavy on u heavy, that u feel you could shout out loud and let it flow out of ur system, but u wont, coz shouting wont come naturally to u
...So heavy, that u feel that ok...let me sit down n clean it out of my system, in whatever way, tears, alcohols, cigarettes, running like hell, whatever way possible
but then u r a person who just doesnt cry, alcohol does not have its affect, the best friends of ur life whom u might have shared something with are far away, cigs just burn ur lungs, n running just tires u out...

but the baggage still remains...heavy as always...

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A simple question...

How would you feel if u had plans of sleeping till 10 in the morning and were at the best of ur sleep, and then suddenly the phone rings, u curse, pick up the receiver, only to find that the phone is for the person in the next room.
Wait...there is even more, its a wake up call for that person, whom u can already hear is awake.

What do u do?

U say "hello, room number is so n so", keep the phone down, curse, n try n fall back to sleep.

If u r thinking i went thru this, well not exactly, i was not the victim, but the perpetrator of the crime :D

N for those of u who wish to do what i did, token of advice, dont introduce urself over the phone :D


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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cleanliness Drive

Woke up today morning (afternoon actually). Yesterday was Diwali. The whole day was in the room. Didnt want to celebrate. So consciously decided not to. Didnt even take a bath :D. However did have 3-4 pegs at night. Achi daru kisi bhi din chalti hai yaar, diwali or no diwali.

Neway, today morning, woke up and decided, room needs to be cleaned. Have got many pointers from inside (ie from myself) and from outside that room needs to be cleaned. Lemme just point out the outside pointers (just a couple of them):
1. Ashok sir comes to room, and starts coughing. I said what happened. He said, kuch nahi yaar, dust allergy hai. I wasnt smoking, so there was no smoke in the room. Looked around, and could see a clear beautiful layer of dust on my tables n laptop etc etc

2. Supriya and Khetan came to room for Amaethon speakers cell meet. Me being the gentleman i am, offered the chair to Supriya (since the other chair had clothes piled up, n the bed also was full of clothes n stuff). She sat and typed something on the laptop, n said, Nalayak, yeh kya ganda hai tera laptop. Typing on my lappie led to dust on her fingers :D

Neway, external pointers hardly matter in my decisions most of the time. So today afternoon, i felt its time to clean up the room. Also, was symbolic of my cleaning up some more of my memories of the past :o)
So it took me around 2 hours to clean up and realign the room (shifted the bed to the other side from one side, n the the stuff which was on the other side, to the side which was the bed side :o))
Finally, i felt very happy, proud and satisfied that the room was clean.
Went a step further, decided to get a haircut also. But the bloody festival season ensured that the barber shop was closed. Neway, shaved off my stubble (ok it wasnt a stubble, one week without shaving gets me more than a stubble, almost a beard) and went to the gymn after a long time. Had been running on most days, but the gymn had stopped.
So gymned, ran, played badi, took a bath, went out in search of cigs, found a couple, bought them, came back, n now am in my room :o)
Nice day.

Oh btw, am on fast today. Not for any religious reason, just that had eaten a lot over the last few days, and hadnt exercised also, so actally not feeling hungry today :o)
Tomorrow also, have put a condition for myself, that i have to wake up in the morning n run n then have breakfast.
Paagal hoon mai :D
But i dont mind :o)

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Bored...Very Bored

Its Diwali today...n i am fatally bored. Woke up late, actually woke up just now n have no idea of what to do over the next couple of days. Have lots of constructive stuff to do actually if i want to, lekin kambakth mann nahi kar raha.
The trip to Pondicherry would have been good. Actually was talking to Hitch the other day. Felt that should have gone to Pondicheery. However, staying back did accomplish significant work. But at the end of the day, the trip i had longed for since i came back from home didnt happen. Which is a tragedy.
NEEDED that trip.

Neway, now, cant think of much to do here on campus. As Randolf or Titto would define, I am an anti social person. So living up to those expectations, not really into festival celebrations. Bore hota hai. So thinking of what to do. One of things i could think of was crib n that is why typing this post :D

Hope u people have a better diwali.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

A Trip too far...

One trip I had planned for rediscovery, and I couldnt make it :o(
But I will go, somewhere, sometime soon...
Till then...


Friday, November 02, 2007

Do u wanna partner :o)

I sit there waiting for my presentation…she comes really close…her face is right next to mine…I can feel her breath…if I turn n just move my head, my lips will touch her face
She tells me something I already know…she tells me something that she knows I already know….

I think…sahi hai yaar :D
She is pretty…she is smart…
Then when I am leaving…n some of us are exchanging visiting cards…she comes n gives me her card…I obviously reciprocate
Later on when I am sitting outside n smoking n she is leaving that way…she says…to me in specific n to the others in general…u should come for the celebrations we have tonight :o)

I gently refuse :o)

Am I looking out for someone…nahi miya…once bitten twice shy :o)

Sometimes I envy and feel jealous of all the beautiful happy couples I see…I feel…may there be a thunderstorm n the lightening fall right on them…:o)…bitterness does make u a bit of a sadist doesn’t it

but then I guess with the charm that I radiate…its going to be a tough thing remaining single :D :D… but then wat the hell…am known for my determination…so single I will be :o)

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