Tuesday, May 29, 2007

a typical day in hong kong

morning 7:30 AM. alarm rings.

now i havent taken a mobile connection here. and i am thanking myself for that. just yesterday one of my many bosses asked me for my mobile number. n there shone a smile on my face. had to hide it quickly to a sad expression, one showing, i understand u need to call me for work man, but want can i do, go f**k urself :o)

ok. so the alarm rings on the laptop. so i wake up after 15 mins ie 7:45, n shut down lappie.
now in 15 mins, i have a choice of brushing teeth, wearing the same pant i have been wearing for 3 weeks now, and one of the 4 shirts i have been rotating and wearin for 4 odd weeks now :o), wash my head, smoke a cig and limp my way to office (the revenge of the corn :o( )
sit down at the pot and ask the chicken curry to leave my rectum alone

i usually chose the former since i have to reach office by 8:30 for a conf call. shit can wait (and in hong kong shit does wait :o))
so i reach office by 8:30. attend the call, act as if i am attentively jotting down something, leave, go down 42 floors for a fag, build pressure, come back n crap (ah wat a releif).
one more reason i donot like this place, how can people live without washing their arses after crapping. i use up almost a quarter of a toilet paper bundle wiping my ass, and still it feels yuck (ek secret batata hoon, room par to shower se dho leta hoon...muwahahaaahaha)

haan, after these nitya kram comes the "work" part. format ppts, copy stuff from ppts to word and vice versa, make market updates, work on the summer project. the day moves on.
its interspersed by cig breaks. oh, the everyday lunch happens at mc donald's. wapas aake ....
she holds me down. i fight back up. she titilates me. shows me beautiful "things", i try to resist, but finally give in. after all i am a mere mortal. i also have desires and "needs"

The need to sleep is one of the primary needs of mortals like u n me, wouldnt u agree?

haan, the battle rages on, and finally the cig comes to the rescue. again the trip down the storeys and back up.

shaam hote hi dimaag kaam karna kam kar deta. coz i start waiting for night, where i can go back to my room, and wait for another day to get over :o)
now usually work comes in the evenings also (have been having work for the last two days actually)
but then again its a battle. whether it can beat me, or can i beat it. i keep lookin at the direction of all the bosses who usually give me work. are they coming my way?
if they are, is there that sarcastic smile in their eyes which say, yeh le bhos****ke, ab ch**wa apni shaam, muwahahahahahahaha
or are they just coming to kill time with the boss sitting next to me
or are they walking too busy to talk
or have they forgotten about the work they were to give me
or are they goin to the loo or to a meeting or something

now if the last two scenarios arise, i hv a choice
to wait or to escape from alcatraz

have chosen both many times :o)
for eg, one of my bosses takes a small pouch with him whenever he goes to shit. so when i see him taking that pouch, n if he was the one who was supposed to give me work (both conditions must hold, coz his shtting in the evening wont help me unless he is supposed to give me some work, which i can escape thanks to mother nature), then i again i have 3 choices

1. go and jam the toilet door so that he does not come back for half n hour n then i leave without feeling guilty
2. escape the moment he leaves (can be sure a person in the i banking sector, going to the loo wont come back in 4-5 mins)
3. wait for mother nature to be done with him, n then let him do me

have never tried the first alternative (would like to try it sometime...would have been so much easier had the doors had bolts both ways....lekih yaha to toilet me bhi security access lagta hai)

have definitely tried option 2 & 3 :o)

now if i choose to wait, sometimes i get work immediately, or i wait for nothing for an hour or two, no work, boss leaves, n then i curse myself for not choosing alternative 3 or much better alternative 1
on other days, get work, work till 9 or 10 odd, brain dies completely due to the "challenging" nature of the work, and usually beat it by 10:30 or 11

in room, come back, take a bath once in 2-3 days :o), switch on the tv, eat chicken curry n rice, n then sit down on the internet :o) (just like now)

now its anybody's guess which kind of day was today :o)


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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Let it go

She stood there, listening to him. He was shouting at the top of his voice, right in the middle of the road. People were turning around and watching them, no one stopping, but many of them with a smirk on their faces, getting satisfaction of the fact that here is a more screwed up couple than we are.

She had known John for 5 years now. They used to study together in college. Soon they became more than just friends. They used to enjoy each other’s company. He was very intelligent and usually topped the class. She was an average student, but always on the forefront of co-curricular activities. They made a sweet couple.

After college, they joined a small firm. It was campus recruitment and they had celebrated on getting into the same firm. It would help them stay close and gradually, she thought, decide on when they want to settle down. They used to meet for lunch, discuss their bosses, their work, the compliments they received, everything. She didn’t really enjoy the work, but then his company kinda compensated for boring hours in office.

In a couple of months, her performance at work began to fall. If you donot like the work, how can u excel in it. So she decided to join another firm working in the field of her interest. She quit her job. During those few days, where she didn’t have a job, John supported her. But his attitude became a bit patronizing. She tried not to notice it, but it always kept pinching her at the back of her mind.

After running in and out of interviews for a month or so, she got 3 final offers with great pay packages. Of the 3, she chose the one with the most interesting job profile. The pay wasn’t the best of the 3, but then after her experience in the last job, she knew wat she wanted.

Her new job was amazing. It involved long hours, but then the work was so interesting that she never thought bout the continuous hours of intense work. But while, she worked so hard, she always found time to spend with John.

Soon, powered by her motivation to work, great performance, and good people skills, she rose up the corporate ladder fast. She represented her firm in a few television interviews too. It became more and more difficult to find time to spend with John, but she didn’t want to lose something so beautiful. She still found time.

John, in the meanwhile, had stagnated in his job. He hadn’t moved, nor had he tried to advance in his job. Apart from the one single promotion, which the firm had to give him due to the number of years he spent there, he had no achievement to his credit. When he went out on dinner with her, he always insisted that he pay. He could not take it that she pay for him. After all, he thought, he had been the one who saw her through her tough times. Had it not been for him, she would not have survived. So he could not stand the fact that in their circle, in office, he began to be known as the guy who hangs around with Mary Le Anne. What? Mary Le Anne, the pretty high-powered executive of Power Enterprises! Boy, is he lucky.

Every couple fights, but their fights began to get nastier now. He would accuse her of adultery, picking up incidents when someone dropped her home from an official party. She tried her best to not lose her calm, but occasionally her composure too gave way. But she believed that things would work out fine. After all, she thought, love would see them through these hard times. And she loved John.

Time passed, and John grew bitter. He always used to come back home early from office, since there no on really gave him any work. He sat in front of the tv, till she was back, and then picked up a quarrel with her. She started spending more and more time in office, even on weekends, just to avoid another quarrel with John.

That day, they decided to go out for a movie. She had thought, ok, lets start all over again, let me try my best. After all, its John. I love him. After some initial grumping, John agreed. They went out. After the movie, when they were walking out, she met a few colleagues. She introduced them to John. He didn’t want to talk to them. So he went aside for a smoke. While he smoked, she and her colleagues were laughing. He heard his name being mentioned somewhere. He could take it no more. He walked up to her, grabbed her arm, pulled her away, and started shouting at her. He accused her of making fun of him in front of her colleagues. He called her names and accused her of adultery, right there, in the middle of the road, in front of everyone.

She stood there, listening to him, as he shouted. His words just bounced back from her ears. After sometime, when he stopped shouting, somewhat pacified by her silence, she walked up to him, looked him in the eye, and walked away. That same day, she moved out to her friend’s place.

John called many times, but she never picked up the phone. She didn’t want to listen to him. She knew it was her mistake. Her mistake that she was the one who always tried to make up after the quarrel; that she was the one who juggled between office and work to find time for her and John; that she was the one who didn’t know when it was enough and to let go.

She wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. She had decided to let go.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gunda : See it, find God

I was lost. I was wandering in the maze of life, not really knowing wat is it that I want. I was just living my life away, having no idea what the supreme truth is. Till the moment of truth came. There was a ray of light at the end of the tunnel, and I saw God.

Yes. God himself had appeared on earth, to end all evil and make this world a better place to live in. And then the stars started to shine. My towels out here hardly dry. I have tried all kinds of cigs here. Sasti daru nahi peeni chahiye. Placements are just around the corner in NIT calicut. Gtalk is great.

Confused? Feel lost? Feel like cursing? Watch Mithun Da's epic movie Gunda. Its wat everyone needs. Everyone should watch it. In fact everyone must watch it. There are no two ways about it. U JUST HAVE TO WATCH IT. Like they say, neki kar aur kuye mein daal, wiase hi gunda dekh, ho jaa malamaal. Wah, I too started talking in rhymes (though it does not make sense)

Gunda is India's answer to Shakespeare's MacBeth. 2 hours of two liners, poetry at its best. And that too all embedded in an epic movie.

Without further adieu, lemme do wat God wanted me to do. Tell u about this movie. Enlighten u.

Gunda is about powerful characters with even more powerful introductions.

The bad guys:

Lambu Aata: Mera naam hai lambu aata, deunga usko maut ka chaata
Bulla: Mera naam hai bulla, rakhta hoon hamesha khulllaaaaa (bulla always ends his speech with a stretch to the last word)
Chutiya (Its not chutiya as in chutiya, its chutiya as in a ponytail which is vertical on the top of the head): Mera naam hai chutiya, acche acche ki khada karta hoon khatiya
Pote: Mera naam hai pote, jo apne baap ke bhi nahi hote
Ibu Hatela (this is the best): Mera naam hai Ibu Hatela, maa meri chudail ki beti, baap mera shaitaan ka chela. Kyu? (Pointing down there) Khayega Kela?

There is a gang war going on. Lambu aata and Bulla. Brothers are killed. Sisters are raped (In this movie, every woman is raped, right from villain's sister to hero's sister. But heroine is not raped, she is just stabbed to death).
Haan, have to tell u the dialogue which Bulla "recites" when his sister is raped and killed:
Munni? Meri behan munni?
Accha toh tu mar gayi?
Lambu ne tujhe lambaa kar diya?
Maachis ki teeli ko khambaa kar diya ??
Arre maine toh tere liye kitne ladke dekhe the ..
Jo tujhe accha lagta wahin tera pati banta ..
Magar tu toh katailaa gurdaa .. yaani ki .. murda ho gayi .. ??

Oh! forgot to mention. Pote did give an awesome dialogue on the beginning of the gang war.
Zalzala jaag utha hai. Ab laashein aise girengi jaise chote bachein ki nunni se peshaab"

Coming back to the epic blockbuster, to take revenge, Bulla and his gang corner Lambu. He offers his "sexual" services to Bulla, and also offers to become a eunuch and dance for Bulla for his life. But Bulla, simmering with anger, kills him, not because he killed his sister, but because he "raped" and killed her (He says that he understands in his business, ma n behan do get killed all the time)

Then Bulla's man Shetty kills the minister. The minister is with around 20 police officers. Shetty walks in with a knife, puts the knife on minister's neck. police go back. he stabs minister. police shocked. shetty picks up lungi and runs. police run after him. shetty runs to helicopter.

God enters. Mithun da. and delivers his gawd level dialogue.
Mai hoon jurm se nafrat karne wala. gareebo ke liye chiraag. gundon ke liye jwala.

police apprehend shetty. n this is where bad blood starts between bulla and shankar (mithun da).
Oh btw, mithun da is a coolie. no not a railway coolie. a coolie dressed as a railway coolie, who is omnipresent in the airport and also in the ship yard (anybody's guess what he tows...oh god..forgive me..i didnt mean to make fun of the great great mithun da...forgive me...thank u)

neway, now mithun da's hawaldar dad is beaten up. bulla sends a charming guy and after one song, she is married away to him, who in turn is a pimp who supplies girls (he works for another bigger pimp Lucky Chikna).
So now the napunsak Chutiya eats a super strong viagra and rapes mithun da's sister to death. mithun da sees him dispose the laash. So he vows revenge on Bulla and gang. After his father is also killed, he fixes Bulla and gang's date of death over the next 10 days with this legendary dialogue : Ek, do, chaar, che, dus. BUS.

Then Mithun da goes on a killing spree. Killings happen in diverse locations, ranging from graveyard to shipyard to public toilet n so on. I would like to mention Ibu hatela was driven into a grave with 2 shots to the head by mithun da. He just went into the ground like a nail into soft wood. n then mithun da chopped off is head :o) (its wasnt gory, it wasnt gory, it was justice)

in between, mithun da also kills lucky chikna, the big pimp, who has a brothel of beds suspended from nowhere with ropes, and everyone is "doing it" openly on those beds. So Mithun da is just executing God's will by destroying Lucky Chikna.

Oh in between, mithun da finds an infant on the road, who is "haseena ka paseena", and is Bulla's illegitimate son (Bulla killed Haseena when he knew she was pregnant...please dont ask any questions....u would be questioning mithun da)

Also, Mithun da's heroine is killed (not raped for god's sake. she is the heroine). Bulla and chutiya stab her on the road.

Then Mithun da cuts off chutiya's "organ". And chutiya dies.

In the last scene, bulla comes with an army of auto rickshaws. guns. rocket launchers. etc. But justice prevails. Bulla is terminated by God Mithun da. And then mithun da says the dialogue:
Tera naam hai bulla. Marne ke baad bhi reh jayega tera mooh khulaaa.

So justice prevails. God's tenth avtaar, Kalki avtaar, is none other than Mithun da in the form of shankar.

For God's sake (literally), u have to watch this movie.


Saturday, May 19, 2007


Ok. My first shot at short stories. Here it goes :o)

He sat back in his small boat and sipped on his beer. It was a beautiful night. The sky was filled with stars and the breeze was gently blowing across his face.

Today was the anniversary. 7 years back, he had started his small shop in Stanley market, selling paintings. Paintings, imitations, all kinds of stuff, from all Chinese artists and painters, contemporary and medieval. His shop wasnt one of those which rustled with customers all the time, but he sold enough to make a good living. He had married 4 yrs back and had a beautiful loving wife. He planned to buy a small house far away from the city, but that would have to wait.

But today, sitting alone on his boat, he wasnt thinking of his shop.

12 years earlier:
The boy completed his art school with flying colours. He stood first in almost every painting competition. But it wasnt about winning or money that made him paint. When he stood in front of the canvas, felt the texture with his fingers, he could visualize wat was going to be in his mind. He lost count of time, hunger, everything.
Painting was his first love.

He set up a small studio in his rented room. From his savings from working part time in Mc Donald's, he bought canvases and colours. He had decided. He will paint for himself, and sell only to people who admired his art. He got himself a small roadside stall in Stanley market. The idea of selling his art on the roadside stall wasnt appealing, but he was sure in a few years, he would be able to afford a nice shop. He didnt use water colours. He despised it. He used oil colours on a canvas of different kind. It was much more difficult and more expensive than water painting. But it was his passion he was investing in. His love. And soon, he wouldnt have to think about money since his paitings would fetch the right price.

He sold his first painting. It was was small piece of art, showing a chinese girl, lonely in her garden. It was richly coloured and the expression in the eyes of the girl was what showed her loneliness. It was beautiful, and he felt it was one of his better creations. The buyers were an English couple. They bargained with him for almost half and hour. And finally bought the painting for half the price he had quoted. He would have never sold it. But they were the 4th set of customers and the others were not even willing to pay half the price. The landlady had asked for rent almost 3 times and the look on her face told him that there wont be a 4th time.
When he got the money, there was a mixed feeling. One of happiness and sorrow. Happiness, because this was his first income from living his passion. Sorrow, because he didnt appreciate people bargaining for his paintings. Didnt he put in hours of sleepless nights and hungry days to create these beautiful creations? But he knew times would change.

After paying the rent, he had just enough money to buy his regular food for weeks now. Cup-o-noodles. He didnt even recognize the taste anymore. But then, all this would change. He knew it.

Days went by. Weeks. Years. Everytime he sold his paintings for a price lesser than they deserved, he felt he had betrayed himself. He felt these people are not here to appreciate the art. They just wanted something to hang up on the walls of their living rooms. He felt deceived. But times would change.

It had been 5 yrs. He still lived in the same room. After paying for the rent, and for the canvas and colours, he had just enough to survive. No patron had ever come his way who really appreciated his art. This wasnt something they taught in art school. All those prizes he had won. All the applause, the appreciation...was that a lie? He sat in his small stall thinking.
That night he closed his stall, and walked back to his room. It was a very silent night. He had heard the shopkeeper of the next stall saying there is going to be a storm. It was a long walk back to his room. He reached the store where we bought his groceries from. He knew his way well inside the shop. He always walked the same way to the cup-o-noodles rack. But today wasnt like always. He walked around the shop. Not really looking at anything. He didnt want to go to the cup-o-noodles rack.

He walked out of the shop. He walked to the ferry piers. The wind was strong. It was beating against his face. There was a restaurant just across the street. The aroma of delicious dim shum filled the air. He made a decision. He ran to his room. Folded up the canvas, put the brushes and paints in a bag. It was enough. He had had enough. He walked back, fast, determined, to the ferry pier. One last look at his love. And without a word, he threw it, with all his might, far into the sea.

He stopped painting. He got the imitations of other paintings, paintings that would look beautiful in the living room. He quoted high prices, and then brought them down to make a nice margin. Soon he moved into a new shop.

Today, 7 yrs later, he sat thinking about that day when he had given up his passion. He had let the world take away from him his first love. He had compromised.

He wanted to take a walk. He walked along the ferry piers. He didnt know where to. He just wanted to walk. He came across his regular grocery store. He didnt have to buy anything. But still he went in. He wandered around the store. He stopped in front of a rack. He stood there for a minute or two, picked up a cup-o-noodles, paid and left.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

vellagiri at its best...

So this is a historic post. Coz I am writing it from office, where I regularly experience the “hectic I banking life” :o)
There is a lot to write. Let me just write it as curious incident(s) during the day time, and night time, and weekdays, and weekends :o)

Ok. Last week, on Tuesday I had no work the whole day. So I thought, I will leave at 6:45. I was watching the time on my system. At 6:43, there was a smile on my face. I was getting ready to leave. At 6:44, there was work on my desk :o(
Ek minute saala aadmi ki g***d maar leta hai :o)
Next day i took no chances. Left at 6:30 :o)

Last week was a very vella week. Neway, Saturday had the alum meet. Was nice. Met wimwian’s my batch who are in hong kong, and also ex wimwians who are in hong kong. Wat a coincidence. The bad part was whiskey wasn’t unlimited. The good part was sparkling wine was. Hence 8 glass ke aas paas chada li aur phir…..tera tera tera suroooooooor :o)

Sunday ko mai aur GD Stanley gaye. It’s a pretty beautiful place. Shopped in the flea market. Utilized GD’s 10x optical zoom camera to the fullest on the beach. Kleevo missed the trip. For reasons, ask him why :o)

Stanley market is the oldest market in Hong Kong. Flea market hai. I bought a sword (souvenier :o)), a small glass enclosed “flour” doll, some hand bags for mom, and also a painting. The painting shopping was interesting. GD was thinking of buying it. Then I also pitched in. The shopkeeper was a painter himself, who had quit painting or rather selling his paintings 7 yrs back. He said it was because he could not bargain with customers for his own work. And since he could not, therefore his sales was pretty less. He said, could not eat cup-o-noodles for too long (trivia: we survived on cup-o-noodles for almost 2 weeks after coming here, till we discovered chicken curry n rice @ 7 eleven, which is a convenience store). He also showed us an album with his creations and awards etc. And after all this, I bargained with him for 20 dollars :o)

Stanley beach was beautiful. Here all the beaches are beaches for bays I guess. Therefore not the India kind of beaches with waves and all. But rather like lakes. GD’s high zoom camera was aptly used to capture the beauty of a few jal paris :o). Also on the way from the bus, we could see Repulse bay with windsurfers painting the sea :o) acha tha :o)

This week, well Monday, as usual was busy with all the market updates. Tuesday also relatively busy. I had seriously important work, like making sure the formatting and alignment of text in ppts was correct to the third decimal. And also copying text from word to powerpoint. Kaafi challenging kaam hai. Seriously yaar. When I am given such work, in which I am not at all good (ask my groupies in college I never work on beautification or alignment of ppts n stuff), performance and efficiency goes down the drain.

Tuesday was also patched up on a conference call on some deals. Dopahar ka time tha. Just khaana khe ke aaya tha. 1 hour long call. I was awake for 30 mins. Was woken up by my buddy sitting next to me, also on the call, at 45 minutes, fell asleep again at 50 min :o)

Neway, yesterday ie Wednesday was totally vella. I slept 2 courses. Once in the afternoon. And once in the evening, from 4:30 odd to 6. And when I sleep, my head oscillates. And people notice.
Jo bhi notice karta hai uske m********* (the number of stars may be less than the abuses)

Before I end, I must tell u that sound can move across corners and also through creeps etc. how do I know? I can hear “grunts” of pleasure coming from one of the rooms (above, below, right or left) almost every other night. And the moment I hear them, I reduce the volume of the tv, and enjoy “vicariously” :o)
Also the other day, I could hear a couple fighting, and then the girl started crying. Actually it was nice (ok I am becoming a sadist) to hear all the abuses, and I am not sure, but the whole issue was some “intellectual” discussion (not joking). Damn!

Signing out. So now u have read a historic post. Feel free to post ur comments :o)

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

the week(end) that was :o)

i would write bout the whole week, but then the 1st 5 days ie monday to friday would hardly take ne space. coz they went like, morning, conf call, whole day, jobless, evening got work, left late at around 11 from office.
just one difference, had a presentation workshop. was awesome. learnt some new things. hope i can put that into practice :o)

ok, coming to the weekend. saturday morning i volunteered in a english speaking or rather facilitating workshop for chinese children, being organized by an organization n my company. it was nice. then in the afternoon, was very very bored. then in the evening, went out and had indian dinner with sagar and dastak. nice food. also came to know of an alumni meet which is coming up in a week. shld be nice.
then today we went to lan tau island. first we took the metro to tung chung (i guess that is how they spell it). then a long queue to the cable car. then the cable car. the 20-25 minute ride was awesome. the island (lan tau) is the largest island in hong kong and the most sparsely populated. its full of hills. from the cable car, we could see people trekking through the hills. it was awesome. i hope i get to go back to india n go out some treks. i like the physical exertion, were the body says no more, and the mind says, thats it man, keep going. its just exilerating.
neway, we reached nong ping village. its a nice place. some magic show was going on, but in chinese. hence dropped it. neway, we moved to the large buddha statue. its a short walk of stairs up to the statue. on the way, it was the usual "bird watching" going on. pammi introduced me to the usage of army language to communicate. gyarah baje dekh ie at 11'o clock. that is the direction. n here in hong kong one can speak aloud in hindi and no one would understnd. just that if an indian family happens to pass by, they would get shocked :o)
neway, we went to the Buddha. the statue was awesome. the view was better. far away we could see the sea with small islands, covered with forests. it was just "gawd level" :o)
then we took a bus to the ferry, which was also reall near the "beach". it was really beautiful. but the beach was like a beach for the bay, so no real waves. n not many people. but the whole area was so beautiful. totally different from mainland hongkong. there are these houses just beside the beach, beautiful place, benches on the beach. then there is a trail which goes up the hills right beside the beach. the trail takes u different small small beaches. then at one place, there is a restaurant which as a small beach of its own. between the jungles, there are houses. i was on my way to discover bay, which i guess is a bit far from the beach we went. oh, forgot to mention, the others ie kleevo, pammi n tomi left. so i went out alone on my trek. walking for 15-20 mins, i reached a small beach. there, i sat and enjoyed a smoke in solitude. then i thought lets go to discover bay. but then the next in the next 5 minutes one of my biggest beliefs in life was about to broken. that dog is man's best friend. i walked. came across one of those friday the 13th kind of shacks. i thought i will just walk past. then i hear two barks. two big dogs come out, growling at me (can u beleive it, me innocent guy) n they started walking towards me. i quietly turned around and walked (bachpan mein suna tha ki kutta bhauke to bhaagne ka nahi). aisi life mein bahut kam baar phati hai. dum kutte ki hoti hai.....lekin daba ke mai bhaaga. hajmola ho gaya tha yaar poora.
neway, was damn thirsty. so thought will come back and have a cola in mc d's. but came to know the ferry to central was leaving. so i boarded it. fell asleep. but till i was awake, the view was good. the waters were calm, surrounded by hills. it was nice. reached central. then finally back to room.

nice weekend. just that tomoro again the week starts :o(
but then that would be one more week passed to return to india :o)


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

bataas in hong kong - part 2

so here i am posting again. again the topic is hong kong (anyone surprised). ok its not really hong kong. its my experiences here :o)

neway, my work now involves making market updates. these are.....updates :o) that is the only way i can describe them :o) the other day i made 5+ updates. one of my objectives for summer training is "understanding and gaining proficiency" in making market updates. i sure am on the right path :o)

also went to oceanpark the other day. its a...park....like essel world less the water theme park. the rides are really short. there is something called a raging river. its around1-2 minutes long. and the raging part is.....2 seconds. coz the rest of the time, the boat (the vessel) just moves along peacefully on a path, just to reach a last point of 2 seconds where we just fall down a small incline. that is good. but then the worst part is u have to stand in a queue for around 30 mins for those 2 seconds :o) (china's population is the largest in the world -- bataas fact file)
so in ocean park we spend around 6.5 hours, of which 4+ hrs were in queues :o)
hence i am dropping the plan to go to disneyland, coz i like the rides n stuff, but standing in a queue for more than 2/3rd of the time is not my cup of tea.
also they have these cameras which are placed at points where they can capture the adrenalin rush (eg. for raging river its placed just when the fall starts). then u can buy each photo for 80 HK Dollars (that is 80*5.5 rs...plz do the calculation urself, i cant find my calculator right now)
neway, there was a cable car journey which was awesome (45 minutes waiting time). u can see the south china sea from there. awesome view. great ride.
there are also dolphins which never jumped out of water. there was a nice bird show. things like that.
but essel world was awesome. i went with deka, munch and lakshmi karat. it was good yaar. all the rides were empty. no rush. and water park was just great. oh i just got nostalgic. i also remember our comp sci trip to athirapalli and then to some park in kerela (water park). it was good yaar. we were the only guys who were in trunks. all the other guys were in pant n shirt (mallus ;o)) n we all ran in a queue across the park. everyone was staring at us. and when we entered the queue for dashing cars, many ladies left the queue (we did nothing to cause that...promise). chesty did not open his baniyan. so wasnt allowed in the dashing cars lest his wet baniyan led to a electric shock :o)

he he...neway...coming back to hongkong, i had a chinese lunch, called dim shum ( i think that is wat its called). its had with chop sticks. but i had it with a soup spoon and a chop stick and a fork and a spoon. khaana aisa ki zinda aadmi mar jaye. aur yeh mai keh raha hoon jo ki kuch bhi kha leta hai (NIT Calicut guys, remember A mess ka khaana :o)). yaar yeh chini log aisi ajeeb ajeeb cheeze khaate hai.....ki badboo se hi aadmi mar jaye. i had bought a tin of "grass jelly". i thought its a delicacy. its actually grass, in the sense green grass. ek chamach khaya, next moment, phek diya :o) neway, that is that. yesterday bought a box of frozen rice, pork n fish. microwave mein daala, aisi badboo ki stop karke machli phekna pada

neway, that is that. othr than that, aur kya. haan, wished papa happy birthday yesterday. today went to an indian/pakistani shopping area (pretty shady place) and got mtr veg pulao (37 rs pulao costs 90 INR here)

haan, the other wanted to go out for dinner, could not find anyone :o( kya zindagi hai :o(
haan, had drinks the other day. there was this company get together. waha jaake 5 glass wine piya. mast maza aaya. phir bahar aake college ke dost mile. unke saath phir ek do peg chadaya. acha tha. since then havent drank. i go to this supermarket everyday, see the drinks bottles and then come back. why dont i buy them, coz then i will start drinking in my room, which may lead to an excessive liking for drinks and then like cigs, which will anyway kill me at the rate i smoke, i will have another nemesis in the form of alcohol :o)

so that is that. nothing more actually. 40 odd days more here (less than that actually). so just waiting for them to get over soon and returning to india.