Saturday, March 24, 2007

Awesome Profs

This term was one where my CG has taken a plunge, and the dive is continuing. But then this term was also a term wherein we got an opportunity to learn from 2 awesome profs, Prof. Saral Mukherjee, and Prof. A.K.Jain.

Saral Da, as i have already mentioned in many of my blogs, is one great teacher. He teaches one of the most hated...ok lemme be euphemistic....least loved subjects in IIMA, namely Operations Management II. Its one subject where people screw up by the dozen. But still he has been getting the best prof award (nominated by students) for 2 yrs back to back now.
His classes are amazing. THe kind of insights he gives, the direction in which he makes u think, his songs in the class, his flawless switching between humour n serious the very GOD LEVEL (iima lingo).

Prof. A.K.Jain, also known as Jain Baba by many students. He is one adorable prof. As one of my groupies puts it, he just like those cute grandfathers whom u want to go and hug. A prof who is gonna push u to think, n think n think more. He will give u the pointers, u have to follow them up.
He teaches the subject marketing, but then his classes are nothing less than a shot of management as a whole. He has revived the interest of many in marketing again, me being one of them.
Also an instructor who wont take any crap. U start an answer n he will cut u short after two words if wat u r answerin is crap.
And last but not the least, his advices on life (and that can be implemented in management too) are just so simple and yet so profound. Eg. Never do something out of fear, I say (I say is a typical Prof. Jain phrase), not even submission of decision sheets because of the fear that i will shout at u in class :o)

Its been a great experience learning from them.


Friday, March 23, 2007

A breakthrough in physics

I wont take credit for postulating the CRAP CYCLE THEORY. This ground breaking (if there is a word like this), earth shattering (above disclaimer applies) theory was postulated by bhaskar seetharam aka lugaai. But then like a good friend n groupie, I take this opportunity to let the world know n benefit from this ray of light.

As all big theories, there is a lot of explanation to it, but then I will cut that short (n probably Dr. Seetharam … just gave him that title…. Will explain it himself sometime).

Now the main statement is (might sound familiar to one of newton’s laws, but then wat is wrong, after all Newton was the pitaji of physics)


Now some of u may argue, this aint no theory, it’s a hypothesis, there aint no empirical proof for this. But of course, my dear friends, there is.

Take a look at any of our HR assignments, or marketing assignments, or ID, IGP, OD assignments, and u will be as convinced as us. In fact like all greatest scientific discoveries, everyone of us somewhere inside knew that this theory exists. But it took the genius of Dr. Seetharam to proclaim it.

Long live the Crap cycle theory

P.S. – I myself am working on a theory. It called the INFINITE FART THEORY

It is infact a counter theory to the generally proclaimed theory that the more u fart, the lesser is ur ability or probability to fart again….coz biologists would argue that the gas in ur stomach would exit thru ur arsehole n become one of the millions n billions n trillions of molecules in the atmosphere (some farts though also find their way back to unsuspecting nostrils n cause a tremendous negative externality…if u wanna know wat that means, refer some economics text book). But biologists should know that gaseous fart is just one of the kinds of fart. Fart itself comes in many forms. N the generic form of fart, which most of us write in our “subjective” papers, is infinite. Not only that, the more u fart, the more is ur propensity n possibility to fart n continue farting. I am gathering evidence on this theory, n should publish it in a journal soon. SO please hold ur applause till then.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Yeh mera dil...

The Don and her henchmen (and the rest of the class) sang this song in OM class a coupla days back:

Ye mera dil, OM ka deewana,
Deewana deewana, WOW ka parwaana,
Socha tha maine OM mein A laana,
Mushkil hai ab to D se bach paana.

Ye mera dil, OM ka deewana,
Ye mera dil, OM ka deewana.

Safety stock woh hai jo mushkil mein kaam aaye,
Quality control processes ko kaabu mein le aaye,
Steps ke badle mein grades do sahibaana......

Ye mera dil, OM ka deewana,
Deewana deewana, WOW ka parwaana.

Pal pal ek hulchul dil mein taguchi tha,
Mid term mein baithe hue wo hi to yaad nahi tha,
Calci se fight kiya phir bhi answer aaya na....

Ye mera dil, OM ka deewana,
Deewana deewana, WOW ka parwaana,
Socha tha maine OM mein A laana,
Mushkil hai ab to D se bach paana.

Ye mera dil, OM ka deewana,
Ye mera dil, OM ka deewana........


Honeymoon Travels

Mid terms got over a coupla weeks back. One of my previous posts would have described how they went :o). Hence it was but obvious that I n most of my friends were pretty frustrate (not the engineering college kinda frustration ;o)).

So we decided, aaj bahar khaana hai, aur movie bhi dekhni hai n yes it was randolf’s bday too (poor soul agreed to treat us in Pride n got robbed of 1600 bucks…but I warned him beforehand :o)).

So we went n watched honeymoon travels. Now many people would review the movie as crappy n all. I just loved it :o)

But then to love this movie, there are some prerequisites (for me no prerequisites coz I invariably till today have liked every movie I saw in a theatre, so whichever movie breaks the jinx, be assured, it would one of the worst movies ever made :o)).

  1. U have to be frustrated (please check out a disclaimer about the definition of frustration in one of the previous paragraphs)
  2. U have to have a mind (there are no laughtracks in the movie so u have to know when to laugh)
  3. U must (very very very important) keep ur brains in the seat next to u. In case its not empty, then give it to the watchman outside. Now u would ask, why trouble the watchman, I myself can hold it without using it? No. Because it has been scientifically proven (don’t ask who proved it, who knows n who cares :o)) that proximity to brain or brainy individuals can lead to brainy behaviour, n that is one thing u cant have if u want to enjoy this movie
Once these prerequisites are fulfilled, just sit back n enjoy. Awesome time pass movie, with jignesh bhai, hari bhai, superman n woman, ….. just watch it :o)

P.S. Some of the brainy people of who are reading this post might want to point out the fact that I contradicted myself in prerequisites 2 n 3 where in 2 I said u need a mind n 3 I said u have to keep aside ur brain. Please note the usage of words n the underlying meaning, mind is for “feeling” the humour :o), n brain is an organ for thinking, which you would ideally prefer not to do in this movie :o)


Monday, March 12, 2007

Holi at IIMA

Slept late the day before (was drinking n was one of the first times I myself was sober n was pacifying a fellow drunk :o))

At 10 am odd, my door was broken n colour put on my face by randolf n presto. I, half asleep, let them put the colour, took out a newspaper from the huge stack of unread newspapers, placed it on my bed, n went back to sleep.
At around, 11:30 odd, people came. Bhaskar called me outside, n from behind masho put small keechad balls on me. Ok. Now I had to go anyway (cant sleep on my bed with keechad can I). SO I went in, n wore my undies, n came out, n before I could open my shirt, it was torn off. N then downstairs, I picked up. I could see a large tank of water up ahead. But then randolf n bhaskar n titto who were carrying me, changed direction n dumped me in a puddle of keechad. Yeah baby, I played the first keechad holi of my life.

Uske baad kya tha, jo bhi mile, usko uthao aur keechad mein patack do :o)
But the most fun part was carrying the person to be dumped, n on the way saying out loud “arre nahi yaar, keechad mein mat pheko isko, kuch bhi kar lo, keechad mein mat pheko, bahut ganda hai, bahut hi ganda lagta hai, mat pheko yaar” :o) (Oh yes, this place does make u a bit sadistic :o))

p.s: This post has been composed on an earlier day. Date of posting n date of wat is described in the post are not related


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Gettin screwed...

all over again