Wednesday, April 25, 2007

a highly exciting day

reached office at 8:30 (Just in time)
Attended mandatory attendance presentation from 8:30 to 9:40....some funda on structured prods....understood nothing
9:50 to 3:15 in afternoon: read news, slept, ate, asked people for work to be refused, read news, pretended to read mag, slept.......
3:15 to 3:25: did work
3:25 to 5:30 odd: again did nothing....waiting for time to get over
5:30 to 5:40: did work
5:50 : escaped from office

n from then till now, am watching tv and browsing

great day i must say :o)

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

bataas in hong kong - part 1

now i had initially thought i would write a travelouge with a description of my journey from guwahati to hong kong.
dont worry, i dropped the idea :o)
this is more of snippets of what is happening, wat happened over the last few days etc etc

snippet 1: trip from delhi to hong kong.
was aboard thai airways (air hostesses wear saris...shit man :o( )
neway, someone had told me they serve drinks. and drinks they serve. got myself a whisky. smootest one i have ever had.
someone also told me they serve unlimited drinks. if i find that someone, i will kill him :o)
kept waiting for the unlimited drinks. they never came :o(

now i will drop the snippet funda.

now i am working in an i bank, rather interning in an i bank (not saying working coz i still am not sure if this is the place or rather this is the profession i want to be in the long term).

first issue here is suits everyday. now many of u havent seen me, and many of u havent seen me since a long time. but i am thickening at an alarming rate. so more mass needs more space and volume. and clothes can hold a fixed volume (in a way its scientific). hence they tighten up :o) I have this one suit which fits me well, but is kinda tight (see paradox :o)) so whenever i wear it, i feel real formal, but my ass sweats like hell. and since i have 3 suits, i have to rotate them and wear. so two days of the week, my ass is wet with sweat :o(

next issue. they need security access for everything here. even the rest room. and my access card behaves pretty irrationally. so there have been times, when i have had to wait for someone to go in, or come out (thank god never in the case of emergencies :o))

also the pantry. the pantry never opens with my security access (how did they know it was me :o)) but anyway, the only thing they store is juices and coke etc. now i know many of u will be saying, saala itna milta hai phir bhi complain kar raha hai. bhaiyon aur deviyon, jab bhookh lagti hai office mein roz 12+ hours baith ke, tab juice kaam nahi aata

neway, here (in hong kong) the prices of almost everything are very high. bread, one packet, 60 rs :o) i wont delve into that subject

coming to food, the diet here has made my gastrointestinal muscles go on a strike.

coming to work, over the last 4-5 days, i have been practically jobless, and still spending 12+ hours in office. dont ask why, its something u will have to call me to ask me. (u can also shoot an email and i might decide to reply....see see....i am showing my so called busy ness :o))
so wat does a person like me who has been infamous for sleeping right from high school through college through office to even in IIMA classes right under the noses of profs do. FALL ASLEEP.
and that too i sit right in the middle of an MD, an ED and a AVP. lekin bhai, jab need aati hai to hierarchy gaya g....... ,..... sorry, control obscene language i go again.......lekin bhai...jab neend aati hai, tab hierarchy gaya tel bechne (haan ab theek hai)

and before i sign off, a description of my room in one word....rathole. if anyone asks me for one reason why i dont like hong kong and miss india so much, its because of the freedom to move.

oh, how can i sign off, without talking bout the "people" here :o)
the "people" .... ok forget the euphemisms, the girls are so so so cute (i am from assam and i proudly say i love small eyes and flat noses :o)). and of course, much more "open" on their views on clothes.
lekin hum thehre desi babu (not desi baba :o)...ok bad pj). hume to apna desh aur apne desh ke log hi bhaate hai
n that is not the only reason though i must accept.
if i am caught ogling at a girl, u never know how many bruce lees and brandon lees would come flying from how many logo ka kuch bol nahi sakte.....khatarnaak hote hai

now i really have to sign off. oh, for my friends from iima
dost log, tumko lagta hai morning 9 o clock is early. i bloody have to attend a conf call everyday at 8:30 sharp. and for that i have to leave room at 8. and for that i have to wake up at least at the earliest at 7:30 (suit pehan na padta hai, sutta maarna padta hai etc etc etc)

lots more to write. dont mind, next time :o)


WAC no more

WAC is over. Khatam ho gaya saala. N we were the first group (this wac was a group wac) to submit our report :o).

WAC no more. WAC no more. Kutta mar gaya (dharmendra style).

Why is everyone happy? Why am I happy? Coz right from first term, I haven’t been able to understand or appreciate the grading of the subject. And invariably I end up screwing every wac assign. N finally, it leads to nightouts where I have to actually work (right now I am doing a night out blogging, but then that is fine :o))

Kuch bhi ho, khatam ho gaya saala.

p.s: This post has been composed on an earlier day. Date of posting n date of wat is described in the post are not related

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Tuchha farewell m Jumma Chumma de incident :o)

We were probably the first dorm to give a tucha farewell. Dunno if other dorms have or will follow suit. Neway, we organized for drinks n food on rooftop (the terrace). I was the infra incharge, but then bhaskar did most of the infra management. It was great with some actual good gyan from the tuchas.

At the end of it, we all sang Jumma chumma de de for D11, coz they had just returned from their corpo D n were making their tempo shouts (D11 is one of the girl’s dorms). We actually sang at the top of our voices n in rhytm n sur n taal n lyrics too :o)

The intensity of our voices would be obvious by the fact that the next day, in another section, when one of the guys had a sore throat n spoke, the prof asked, was it u people who were singing jumma chumma de de yesterday, the whole of the faculty was able to hear it from their houses at the middle of the night :o)

He he he he

p.s: This post has been composed on an earlier day. Date of posting n date of wat is described in the post are not related


My stack of Newspapers n mags :o)

I get business line n businesstoday in my room. They find their way to my room, n then are stacked up with their brothers n sisters. All brand new. Somehow I find excuses not to open them at all (right now my excuse is I am blogging :o))

God gimme the strength to convince myself to read them

P.S. If someone just thought that I am an idiot, why don’t I just stop keeping the paper n the mag, I would like to say, my friend, ab mere haath mein kuch nahi hai, these are registered deliveries n the registrations are for 6 months n 1 yr respectively :o(

p.s: This post has been composed on an earlier day. Date of posting n date of wat is described in the post are not related


Photograph during badi :o)

There is this photographer I have seen roaming around in the campus lately. Not that a photographer is an uncommon site, but then saw him one morning after a night out when I went to buy smokes. N the other day, when me, sigma, tapki, gucha, Adrian n jyoti were playing badi. Came, sought permission, n photographed us playing badi.

Hope at least this time, I get my 30 seconds to actual fame :o) (this statement would make sense if u read my earlier post on the newpaper photo graph incident :o))

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The incident with Times of India n Chaman B plan

Chaman called me n said the photographer from time of India is coming. He would photograph all three (him, me n lugaai) of us, n our photos would appear in the next day’s newspaper. Earlier, in his interview, he had mentioned that we had worked with him on his b plan (the one we went to kozhikode for). Now since he is actually gonna implement it, there is a lot of publicity etc etc.So I skipped gymn n waited. Bhaskar had gone to the MIS extra class. The photographer came.
Took many snaps (he took live snaps where he made me n chaman act as if we were discussing something , like movie shooting u see :o)). I made him wait for bhaskar n then he took all of our snaps.
Next day morning, I woke up n went for the newspaper (I seldom see anything but ahmedabad times :o)). N I see chaman’s photo, n me n bhaskar were missing. We were “removed” from the photo. Also the story was quite different from what chaman has told the reporter.

So that was our closed encounter to 30 seconds of fame :o)

p.s: This post has been composed on an earlier day. Date of posting n date of wat is described in the post are not related


Aaj karo so kal karo

kal karo so parso...itni jaldi kya hai bhaiya jab jeena hai barso

now many people would disagree, but then i am an example who suffers due to doing the opposite many a time.
for example, now i have all these posts which i had composed beforehand and thought would post them slowly, so that i get hits.

now they are too old, but i will still post them, coz i wrote them and this is my blog.

and the worst part is, this post where i am describing this agony of my life, is gonna be right at the end of all the posts. so there is little chance neone is gonna read this. but i am still gonna post all those posts, with of course the p.s. at the bottom saying they are old :o)


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

End of an era...

I still remember the Bangalore meet, wherein I met a few tuchas and they said that u r gonna get royally screwed in IIMA. I thought....dekh lenge :o)
I came here. I was royally screwed. Exams n quizzes went down the drain. Then over the first two terms i revived. Then in the third term life became relatively chill but acads went to the dogs.
And today, its all over. The most feared period of time, and probably one of the most memorable time too of this institute. The latter part, time will tell coz I have the much awaited tuchadom ahead of me, waiting for me as i return from my internship in HongKong. But definitely these 10 months have taught me a lot as a person.
This place. The people. Things happening in life that are not in this place. Coping with things happening in this place and away from this place. Everything.
At the end of the day, I guess one of the biggest things I have started to beleive is.....nothing n noone is indispensable and there is always room for learning n utilizing ur time...n never underestimate others.....the list goes on....each of these learnings are unique n so important on their own.

All I can say is....The end of Fachadom today is the end of an era.....and this era has made me beleive that the forthcoming period of Tuchadom will mark another era


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