Monday, May 18, 2009

Incidental Hero

Was riding my bike back home. It was just after 5. Was one of those days when I got to leave early.

There was a Tata Sumo riding in front of me. Suddenly it braked and turned to the side. I was watching right in the front and so I could manage to stop just before hitting the car.
From the side of my eye, I could see a small boy running along (away?) from a group of stray dogs.
When I braked and stopped, I saw that the boy was actually running away and shouting "bachao bachao", and the dogs were chasing him.
He came and hid behind me, and I stood there quite shocked and looking at the dogs.

But I guess a biker with a red round helmet and on a red bike was a scary sight for the dogs, so they stayed away.
In the meanwhile, the car driver, who was the actual hero, took some stones and shooed the dogs away.

The boy went his way, I went mine.
And the people around saw US (me and the car driver) save the small boy...


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pros and cons...

Of the bike getting a flat tyre on a hot Delhi morning, 2.5 kms from the nearest tyre puncture repair shop, with u wearing full sleeves, and carrying ur lappie and loads of other stuff in a bag...

Cons: u have to push ur bike across 2.5 kms over delhi roads, with a lot of dust, and the road itself not helping u, rather welcoming u with potholes etc.
U are sweating like a pig by the time u reach the repair shop
there is another guy getting his car tyre repaired so u have to wait 30 mins in the sun
u r late for office

Pros: u r sweating like a pig, and since u missed exercise in the morning, u lose if not more, equal number of calories.
u feel good that u didnt faint by the time u reached the repair shop


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Zindagi hai to mushkile hai

When I was in the 6th standard, we had this exercise, wherein we had to write quotes on a piece of chart paper and put it up in the classroom, on the walls.
One quote had particularly caught my attention. It was "I cried because i had no shoes, until i met a man who had no feet".

I called up a good friend of mine, with whom over time the degree of "being in touch" has reduced to nil. So had called him up today.
He is going through so much in life right now. An ailing parent, health problems himself, no job, is away from home, relatives not helping out...the list goes on.
And he is still fighting. Against all odds...
Kudos to him...

You can read all motivational books and stuff, but the two greatest teachers in life are: people, and more importantly life itself...


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Chinese humour

Now i know why Chinese movies humour is so strange. There was this one movie wherein puking into the food and then someone eating it was great fun. Someone spitting into someone's food was fun.
I guess in Chinese movies sab chalta fact u need such stuff to make people laugh.

Was watching Travel and Living. And saw the latest hit in Taipei's set of eating joints. It's a toilet restaurant. Wherein u sit in WCs, rather than paper napkin u get toilet paper, and the dishes are named bloody piles, diarrhoea, AND you are served in a WC shaped bowl.

If such a thing can be a hit, why cant someone puking into someone's food be humourous



As i mentioned in the last post, the pretty girl had said you are great consultants since you do amazing work, while the so called best consultants are not, because they just get the projects on relationships.

Posting the last post actually got me thinking and recollecting a few things i have heard over my very short period in the consulting world.

Our clients and the industry generally accepts that my firm does amazing work. We work at all levels, not just the CXO level. It is one of our principles, which is working in a collaborative manner, and ensuring that whatever change we propose, it gets implemented.
As opposed to this, few of our competitors claim that we do only "strategic" work. When during our campus placements, we asked what does that mean...we were told they work only at CXO level.
Again, this is something i heard from the market too. The other consulting firm in question does a lot of well known "big picture" work, some amazing analysis and stuff. But then, since they work ONLY at the CXO level, the actual people implementing it are not in the loop.

But then, they still are the most well known and well reputed firm in the market. Why?
Because of the projects they do. And where do they get those projects from? From their reputation and their relationships.

And it is actually quite intuitive. If i have 2 people, one who is very diligent and detailed n stuff, and the other who is not so, but i am comfortable working with, i would rather work with the second isnt it? The same is true with relationships also. If you have one with someone, then why would u hazard taking a chance with someone new.

Hmmm...interesting point :)

That was my intellectual masturbation for the night. Time to sign off. Current bhi chala gaya hai :(
Good night.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

Random Incidents - Part (i dunno which part :P)

Person i met: So where do u work....
I work for a firm called
O wow...u r the best in ur field...i have heard so much about u....

Me: is that so...that is the first time i have heard that...i always thought is assumed to be the best
Person: that is true...but then they get their work thru relationships n stuff...not real work...u guys do real good work

Me: that is so kind of u...thanks

Realization: am not at all a social animal :( am actually pretty bad at meeting new people...especially people / kind of people i am not used to interacting with ....even kind of people i am used to inteacting with....


Am finally (possibly) getting into volunteering for a cause....dekhte hai kab tak


Song currently playing on tv...manzil na ho to kya kaam ki hai zindagi....
right now...desperately searching for purposes in life

and also searching for topics to blog on :)