Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another of Saral Da's God level Dialogues

"How many drinks it takes you to get horny is your capacity,
What you do after that is your capability"

This statement was made in our class during the lecture explaining capacity and capability :o)


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bahut saare posts :o)

Dost log, sorry for my absence from the blogging world for so long.
WOuld be (rather would try to be) more regular now.

Have put quite a few posts for ur reading.
Kindly go thru them at ur own pace and time n let me know ne feedback in the form of comments

Damn, i can be formal......n really "polite"

Anybody listentin :o)


ZZZZZ - Incident from IIMK Backwaters 2007 (again...haha hahahahaha)

The presentations for Whiteknight were going on. Ours was the last. Also, as soon as I reached Kozhikode, I realized my leg wound was bleeding. So I had to get a dressing. Hence I was waiting for a vehicle. Bhaskar was there in the audi. He told me this incident.

One of the guys (from IIMK), who was part of the team organizing Whiteknight fell asleep during the presentatios. Totally acceptable. Most of the presentations are OHTs (over head transmissions). But what is not acceptable is snoring.

So this guy started snoring. The first snore came. People first thought it was some problem with the mike. Then came the second one. All eyes turned to this guy.

I guess someone from the audience woke him up :o


Kinki :o) - Incident from return journey from IIMK Backwaters 2007

During my journey from Kozhikode to Baroda, the family in the next coup were playing word power :o) A father, a mother and a son. The son, a/c my approximation, would be something like 10-14 years (the interval estimate is very large here since my experience in evaluating the estimate of a child’s age is nil).

Coming back to the word game. Now, the child here seems to be real muggu. Bole to ekdum padhai karne wala balak. The whole afternoon, when everyone (including his parents) were snoring, he was laughing reading tinkle (I am sure he would be reading the Uncle Anu part, which I invariably skipped in every tinkle I read).

Neway, now I am really coming back to the word game. The game was goin on. Suddenly me n bhaskar heard the word “Kinki”. The source of the word was the kid. We were both laughing, and we couldn’t really make out the reactions of the parents.

Desh aur desh ka youth bahut hi fast pace par tarakki kar raha hai :o)

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Old incident - During visit to IIMK Backwaters 2007 Jan

After IIMK backwaters, n before going to kozhikode station, we went to Mezban. Dinner was steak Diana. On the way back, Bhaskar n Chaman said why not take the road in front of the beach. That was we can see the beach also. I didn’t really think tat was a good idea because the auto wala was a real grumpy guy, who probably didn’t smile on his own son’s/daughter’s birth. Neway, we somehow managed to convey to him we wanted to go to the beach n take tat road to the station.

So after some grumpy expressions, he took us towards the beach. We could see the vast expanse of the sea (we were on a narrow road with houses on both sides and the beach was at the end of the road). Just before we reached the end of the road, we told him, Ok boss, abhi yaha se station chalo. We assumed he is gonna take the road parallel to the beach n take us to station. Instead, we reached the end of the road (the beginning of the road parallel to the beach), he took a U turn n back we went the way we came.

Me, bhaskar n chaman were first shocked, n then broke into loud laughter.

Should have learnt mallu in college :o)


Just like that

Has been a while
since i heard that melodious voice

The voice which makes my heart skip a beat
And break into a melody of its own

A melody so happy,
a melody so melancholy...

He he , my composition. I know, it does not rhyme, and the poetic efficacy coefficient is pretty low (if there is anything like that)
But still my compostion :o)
Direct Dil se

Koi hai ?????? ;o)


5/12th MBA done :o)

My 3rd term mid terms are over.
Now the question is not how they went (that is never a question to be asked to anyone here at IIMA, can lead to violent reactions :o))

But i will, on my own free will, give u a brief summary of the exams :o)

Day 1:
Morning: OD
first 25 minutes as a quiz. Closed book. Screwed. We have something called blackbooks here, which are old quiz or exam questions. I had assumed that since there will anyway be a case for the 2 hour exam, there will be objective questions in the quiz. So had mugged the blackbooks.
Quiz paper khola, ek case. And titto had sent a similar case at night to study and i had ignored it (the irony is he himself didnt read it)
Verdict: Screwed

9:45: OD open book exam. We were already given the case one day before. So we knew the case well (or rather we supposed to know it well). 3 questions. I tried really hard to fart, but it wont come. So wrote wat i thought was relavant and left .5 hour early

Verdict: OD hai yaar, sab bhagwaan bharose hai

2:00 PM: Operations Management II
The case was Indian Cha
One page case. Saare funde hila diye. Missed a basic trick and ended treating my calci as a keyboard, hitting the keys at the speed of light.
Then there was taguchi methods (plz dont raise ur eyebrows, i myself still dont know wat they mean :o))
The protagonist of the case was Mansukhbhai, who had already screwed our Quiz (the same character was there in the quiz question also). Mansukhbhai wanted to optimise his Chai business. And in the process burnt our arses with Indian Cha

Verdict: The worst paper in IIMA yet. Hence a bamboo shoved right up my arse

Day 2:
9:00 AM: Quantitative methods II
Was a simple paper. But there was an inherent assumption that IIMA students are MS Excel incarnate. A regression question with 15 entries was given.
Could not complete the exam

Verdict: Royally screwed

2:00 PM: Management Information Systems
Had to identify Critical Success Factors for some Swedish company and then draw some data flow diagrams and an entity relationship diagram.
Technical stuff was wat scared me off to MBA.

Verdict: So so

Day 3:

9:00 Finance II
4 hour paper. Bamboo to usi waqt ho gaya tha :o)
The main requirement of the case was to find a value called beta. Beta ne is nacheez ki maar li :o(
Nothing more to say on this.

Verdict: Screwed

2:00 PM: Economic Environment n Policy II
30 minute paper. Rapid fire objective questions. True of false. True 2 marks. False -1.
Lekin mujhme chulla hai sabhi kuch mark karne ka. Hence its aar or paar. Dekhte hai :o)
Paper done in 10 minutes. Left in 20 mins.
Does not mean i knew answers to more than half of the questions. But i marked all :o)

Verdict: Bhagwaan bharose :o)

Hence now u know how the exams went :o)


Oye Oye

We have Operations Management again this term (more bout the subject in my post on midterms :o))
N we have this awesome prof. called Saral Mukherji (people here call him Saral Da).

He really gives such awesome insights that his classes are too good. Some people dont like them, but then i definitely like them a lot :o)

Another characteristic of Saral Da is his love for a couple of students in our class, namely 9tanki and Priyambhu. 9tanki i dont know why. Priyambhu he calls the marketing guru :o)

Now 2 tales from Saral Da's class :

Tale 1:
Saral Da beleives that OM is not OM alone, its marketing. Because how u manage ur operations depends on how ur demand, ur market is. So there are occasional marketing questions now n then. N Priyambhu is the bakra.
The other day, some question came up and Saral Da asked Priyambhu. Priyambhu took some time or something happened. Saral Da broke into a melody (he started to sing :o)). The song was

Are you goin' to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.
Remember me to one who lives there, she once was a true love of mine.

Tell her to make me a cambric shirt (On the side of a hill in the deep forest green).
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme (Tracing a sparrow on snow-crested ground).
Without no seams nor needlework (Blankets and bedclothes the child of the mountain).
Then she'll be a true love of mine (Sleeps unaware of the clarion call).

Tell her to find me an acre of land (On the side of a hill, a sprinkling of leaves).
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme (Washes the grave with silvery tears).
Between salt water and the sea strands (A soldier cleans and polishes a gun).
Then she'll be a true love of mine.

Tell her to reap it in a sickle of leather (War bellows, blazing in scarlet battalions).
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme (Generals order their soldiers to kill).
And gather it all in a bunch of heather (And to fight for a cause they've long
ago forgotten).
Then she'll be a true love of mine.

Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.
Remember me to one who lives there, she once was a true love of mine.

(i copied it from somewhere)

Then Saral Da asked Priyambhu to sing along. After an initial hiatus, he asked Priyambhu to sing "Oye Oye" if he could not sing the above song :o)

It was hilarious :o) (might not sound hilarious but it was :o))

Tale 2:
We didnt have any significant reading for the OM lecture. The day was 15th Feb, right after Valentine's day.
Saral Da asked some question.
Then suddenly another question : How many of u all are losers?
A couple of hands went up

Next question: How many of u read the reading for today?
Half of the hands went up.

Saral Da: u r all losers (with a smile). On Valentine's day, u r reading an OM reading :o). Of course u r all losers :o)

He he he he


Organizational Dynamics

This was one of the courses we had this term. Now the term is not over, only the mid terms are. But then this subj was till mid term only.

Watever love i had for HR and Org Dynamics was nullified by this course. I found it totally useless. Mainly because it was full of lots n lots of theory and at the end of the day, i found my learning curve negative (u see mgmt lingo :o))

Now i am also responsible to some extent for sleeping n even falling off my seat (almost) for the indifference, in fact dislike for the course. But then I liked Individual dynamics and a few other similar "subjective" courses.

Watever be the outcome of the exam, OD is over :o)


Monday, February 12, 2007

Movie Review - Fanaa

Now my movie reviews are not the normal reviews. They have no structure. Hence dont expect one. Neither would they cover the whole movie. Only parts i want to talk bout :o) (u see my post my rulz)

Ok. So i saw Fanaa the other day. Had wanted to see it for a long time. I must say was a disappointment. In the first half, Kajol who is a blind girl from Kashmir goes with her college group to perform on Republic day. There Amir Khan is the guide. From day one, he acts fresh with her, holding her hand etc etc and she just smiles. Now isnt it a bit too much? Yaar tum kisi ko jaante bhi nahi, dekha bhi nahi, aur pehle hi din haath pakad raha hai aur tum muskura rahi ho? Not only her, her who group is fine with it.
Neway, she fall in love ie she falls in love and he realizes later that he loves her. They sleep once. Then he takes her to the doctor, and in one day she has an operation and she is fine ie can see. Her parents come to get her married away to Amir khan (neither them nor their daughter has seen the guy or know nething bout him). Her mother tells her on the phone that if she feels its love then she is right (come on how can u know u r in love in one day). Neway there is a bomb blast in delhi and amir khan is supposed to have died in that (or so kajol n family beleive).

But Amir Khan is the master mind behind the bomb blast. He is a high profile terrorist who wants independence of kashmir from india and from pakistan (new one isnt it :o)).
His terrorist group gets hold of a nuclear missile and in the mission to get the trigger he is injured (right now he is disguised as an indian army officer whom no one knows by face in the batallion :o)). He is injured in retreiving the trigger. He ends up in Kajol's house. Again love erupts in their hearts. But he ends up killing her father n uncle. Oh forgot he has a son also (remember they had slept one night together). Finally Kajol kills him for the benefit of mankind.
Story over.

I didnt dislike the movie coz the fact that i sat thru the whole movie is proof enough for this (i remember i had finished "mujhse dosti karoge" or some movie in which hrithik rani n kareena were there in less than half n hour, thanks to the windows media player's scroll bar where u can forward to whatever limit u want :o)). But it definitely didnt stand up the expectations one would have from an Amir Khan-Kajol starrer.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Kinda Nostalgic

Just watched an episode of Street Hawk.
Yes u heard it right. Remember that serial which used to come on doordarshan when we were kids. The man the machine Street Hawk.

In those days doordarshan was the only channel around. Not even DD metro. Every saturday and sunday, mainly sunday, there was this series of tv programmes which the whole family used to sit and watch. Well almost the whole family. Ma was always busy making us breakfast. She was the one who always sacrificed a lazy sunday morning so that we could have one.

Neway, there was Rangoli in the morning, which i always missed (since it started at 7 :o)). Now i am gonna get the sequence etc all wrong. So dont crib bout that. Then there was He-man (later on Duck tales started). Then there was Mahabharat (later on Sword of Tipu Sultan and before Mahabharat it was Ramayan). Then there used to Sigma.

I remember upto Sigma only.

Those were great days :o)


Cross the line...

Chaos 2007 just got over. Its the annual IIMA college fest.

Now i am one of those boring people who does not like college fests (I like DJs but due to my injured leg, i am not in a position to dance, and hence nothing much to do in a college fest :o)).

But then someone took me to Tarun Tejpal's (of Tehelka fame) lecture. He started off with some arbit paragraph from his book. Me and Patwari almost fell asleep. But then he started speaking of the hurdles he had to overcome n how finally now the newspaper "Tehelka" is gradually gaining popularity.

It was a nice story. Inspiring. But then wat i liked most in his speech was his statement that there is this line of fear which is there. Its not a physical line. Its just in our minds. All of us dread it and most of us donot try hard enough to cross it. But then once u cross it, then there is no stopping u from realizing watever u want.
Its so true isnt it? So once there is no fear, u will let ur mind free. There will be no hurdles on the path of ur imagination, ur dreams.
Yes. Dreams. U will start dreaming. And u will strive to achieve those dreams. Coz there is nothing to fear. No fear of failure. No fear of encumbrances. No fear of nothing.

There are so many things i fear. But then I am trying to fight it out. And i know i will win.
There are so many battles already fought and won with fear. Fear of taking a very important decision too early. And many other things.
But then this is one battle that if u fight, u r sure to win. Its just a matter of grit and not giving up.

So Anurag, cross the line.



"Trade is more boundary like. GDP is more body like".
"So you see this is the Flying Geese Theory".
One guy asks the prof "So sir we are assuming that resources are abundant". The prof replies "Oh u are giving me the abundant resources argument".

These are dialogoues spoken in our Economics class. Most of us have no idea of wat is goin on. The prof is a master in the subject. But we arent able to follow most of wat he says.

My whole attention n concentration is spent in following the prof's sentence. If they were to be written down, they would run for around 3-4 lines at the minimum. And i have always been weak in reading comprehension. So by the time the prof reaches the last "line" of his sentence, i am still trying to figure out wat the first line means and the middle three lines are lost in oblivion (note that i didnt understand the first line also, i just tried :o)).

Bhagwaan, is hafte maine abhi tak tujhse kuch nahi maanga....lekin aaj maangta hoon....mujhe EEP II samjha de bhagwaan...mujhe EEP II samjha de